Yvonne Zahn Founder Kuechen-Glueck

My name is Yvonne and I live in a beautiful small town called Weinheim. Weinheim is near Heidelberg in Germany. I live with my family, an 8 year old daughter, a 1 year old son, my husband and a dog in a house on the outskirts near the forest. After studying business administration, I took over my parents’ company at the age of 22. Our core business is kitchen and furniture fittings sales. My husband recognized the love and passion for my job and in 2018 inspired me to launch my blog (Yvís Küchenglück) with content that focuses on kitchens. The kitchenis definitely a blog niche, not as hip as make-up or food blogs, but I really enjoy inspiring people with my content.For a few months now, we have also been running a new YouTube account with kitchen-specific videos and we have recently started to include baking content. The purpose of the show ‘cake.and.other.stories’ is to present the advantages of the special built-in kitchen appliances while baking.

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