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LAS VEGAS • FEB 27 – FEB 29, 2024

Hear What’s NEXT!

South Hall | SL10040

At the heart of KBIS, the KBIS NEXTStage offers attendees a multifaceted journey through thought leadership, industry trends and advancements, and engaging conversations. From market disruptors to compelling subject matter experts in four curated tracks – Wellness, Sustainability, Business & Trends, Technology – join us at the stage to elevate your show experience.

New to KBIS 2024: A series of fireside chats with Visionaries, Innovators, and Icons. Stay tuned for exciting announcements!

At the KBIS NEXTStage
Conversations on the KBIS NEXTStage

About The Tracks


Explore a spectrum of topics within the popular field of wellness, ranging from the latest advancements in the healthy home to the introspective journey of defining your own purpose for crafting human-centric solutions. The KBIS Disruptor Series within this track explores alternative thinking for designing with consideration for hidden disabilities such as autism, ADHD and learning differences.


Listen to trailblazers whose shared commitment to green consciousness propels advancements in key topics such as circular economies, reducing emissions, the importance of local sourcing, and redefining the very essence of eco-luxury

Business & Trends

Gain insights from renowned business coaches and industry leaders while discovering strategies to future-proof your business amidst economic challenges. Balancing your day, enjoy relatable and humorous anecdotes from the lighter side of design. As a special feature on the KBIS NEXTStage, hear valuable lessons on the path to success from legendary designers. Exciting announcements coming soon!


Learn how to go all in on AI, understand the transformative power of lighting, and glean invaluable insights into the latest smart home advancements within this track, crafted to both challenge and inspire the critical synergy between design and technology.

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