Rachel GroundlandPrincipal Designer Groundland Interiors

Rachel Groundland is a Michigan based Interior Designer, online Design Instructor, and the Director of Marketing at Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in Southfield, Michigan. With over twenty years of design experience, she is a passionate designer, who is excited to share her knowledge with both her clients and her students.

Rachel works on both residential and commercial projects and has developed long lasting relationships within the design industry. She most recently completed the design work for the new Yeshiva Beth Yehudah Girls Building in Oak Park, MI – which is the fifth major commercial school project that she has added to her design portfolio.

Having owned a successful kosher catering company before joining the design field, Rachel has a passion for cooking and kitchen design, specifically kosher kitchens. Her vast knowledge and personal experience with cooking kosher adds an extra dimension to her kitchen designs, and has made her a leading kosher kitchen authority in her community.

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