Natalia Pierce, AKBDOwner/designer Detail by Design

Natalia Pierce AKBD, CLIPP is a kitchen and bath design specialist. She began her career taking classes towards an Architectural Technologist diploma and quickly realized her passion fell in between the technical and decorative side of design. It was her attention to detail and understanding of the structural and mechanical elements that made kitchen and bath design a perfect fit.
Her commitment to growing and passion for learning expanded with becoming Staging certified (2006), Organization Professional (2008), led her to the National Kitchen & Bath Association certification (AKBD, 2009) and the Living in Place Institute (Certified Living In Place Professional 2018). She believes that education unlocks unlimited doors and is constantly expanding her knowledge and understanding of the key elements of great design. With her ongoing concentration in wellness and lighting design she offers progressive solutions to each project and is currently working on her WELL AP certification.
Throughout her 15 year career she has been an instrumental member of her local NKBA Chapter, NKBA National Board of Directions and Chapter Leadership Committee and is currently an Ambassador for the Living In Place Institute believing in always giving back to her community. As an author of 3 books, she is dedicated to guiding her clients through the challenges and emotional side of renovations. Her newest book, Wellness in Design, is a work in progress and will be available in late 2020.
Natalia Pierce AKBD, CLIPP currently resides in Ottawa, ON with her 2 year old Rottweiler Bane.

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