Kathryn GrubeCollege Professor l Professional Color Designer Functional Color Solutions | JCCC

IACC internationally accredited color designer, NCIDQ nationally certified interior designer, and tenured associate professor specializing in functional color design and color design education. Emphasis on strategic color design strategies that produce (space-intended) functional outcomes, while promoting positive results in occupant
health, behavior, and emotional wellness. Providing color design education and awareness through national guest speaking, customized workshops, employee training, and CEU’s for businesses and international organizations desiring improved bottom line results. Topic approaches showcase encouraging outcomes in mental and emotional health, socialization, comfort, and safety. Special focus spotlights
include functional color design use for specific commercial and residential spaces to help aid learning, healing, wayfinding, boost employee productivity + morale while creating unique and functional design experiences where we live, work, eat, sleep, and play.

For more information, please visit: functionalcolorsolutions.com

Biophilia and Nature’s Power of Color Promoting Wellbeing in Interiors