Kathryn GrubeCollege Professor, Professional Color Designer Functional Color Solutions

Kathryn Grube, MID, NCIDQ, LEED AP, is an IACC internationally accredited color designer, NCIDQ nationally certified interior designer, and tenured associate professor specializing in functional color design and interior design education. Emphasis on strategic color design strategies bound with nature that produce functional (space-intended) outcomes for occupants while promoting positivity in occupant health, mood, behavior and emotional wellness.
Proven approaches can promote encouraging outcomes in stimulation of socialization, reduction of stress and soothing effects, promotion of comfort and safety, cognitive function, learning and on task behavior, increases in healing, better health, and ease of wayfinding, and boosting of employee productivity, morale and mood.

Biophilia and Nature’s Power of Color Promoting Wellbeing in Interiors