Karyn ReillyDesigner and Educator Lights My Soul

Karyn Judd Reilly, CKD, NCIDQ is an interior designer turned educator who savors the “ah-ha, I get it” moment in others. Her passion for education surfaced after attending several grueling training sessions and felt there had to be a better way. She has spent the last 20 years in the design industry learning, studying, and developing her knowledge base in design. The field that lights her soul is residential lighting design, a design concentration rife with difficult to understand terms and calculations, making it an easy target for better training programs. Karyn travels around the country to speak to designers wanting to develop better understanding of the methods to lighting spaces.
Her free time when not teaching college students or couch surfing with her husband and pets is spent reading, traveling and exploring design through the built environment.

Lighting by the Numbers: Breaking Down the Complexities of Calculations