Gery HerderFounder Ecletic Trends

The meaning of care has expanded in 2020 inside and outside our homes. We have become self-taught experts in wellbeing and self-care thanks to newfound daily routines.
The use and relevance of rooms in our homes has shifted, open plans are closing up again in search of some privacy. The comfort we feel inside our homes is a feeling we do not want to compromise when stepping outside.
Going analog and living with smart technologies with higher degrees of autonomy will be the next breakthrough in finding balance.

But what does ‘care’ mean for end consumers now, and how can any brand react?

In this session, Gudy will unpack four characteristics of the emerging Care Economy and equip you with keys to better understand and engage with clients who are not interested in mere transaction-based communication anymore.

“Care consists of everything that we do to maintain, continue, and repair our ‘world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible. That world includes our bodies, ourselves, our environment, all of which we seek to interweave in a complex, life-sustaining web.” – Joan C. Tronto – Author of Caring Democracy

Global Connect (Pavilion) European KB Showcase Keynote: The Four Pillars of the Caring Economy