Brian JavelinePresident MyOnlineToolbox

Brian Javeline is a serial entrepreneur who has created four businesses from the ground up spanning three decades. Brian created MyOnlineToolbox in 2006, which is an industry leader for online marketing education and strategy planning. Recently MyOnlineToolbox was awarded a Top 6 of 100 Products & Services for the industry. The company has helped many construction and remodeling contractors take their marketing to a whole new level. Brian is an active speaker and educator on all facets of marketing with an emphasis towards online objectives. Brian is well known for helping business owners embrace many topics and bringing it all together.
Brian has been featured in Forbes Magazine and has also written for Fast Company Magazine. Previously Brian co-founded an online business application that grew from 0 to just under 20,000 users in few years. In his early years Brian created a software company for the apparel industry that became an IBM long term success story.
As a volunteer Brian enjoyed coaching two soccer teams for over ten years, and he has also mentored those in high school and college business classes. His approach to educating people is a combination of mentoring to understanding the details while providing inspirational motivation for acting upon what is learned.

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