KBIS Virtual Postponement Exhibitor FAQs

KBIS Virtual 2021 – Show Postponement – Exhibitor FAQs

Updated February 12, 2021

What happened this week that caused the KBIS Virtual site to crash?

Unfortunately, the KBIS Virtual and IBSx show platform’s servers experienced a severe failure on Tuesday morning as the traffic to the show sites increased causing access to the exhibits and site to become unstable.  We worked thorough out the day and into Tuesday night to attempt to correct the problem.  We were unable to fix the issue and made the decision to turn off access to the exhibits on Wednesday morning.

What is the current status of KBIS Virtual?

Due to unresolvable technology issues, the show floor experience featuring the KBIS exhibitor booths has been postponed. We are investigating alternative solutions that may allow the exhibitor experience and booth activations to be relaunched in the near future. At this time, we cannot provide a future date/time.

The show programming including the NKBA Voices from the Industry conference continued as scheduled and will be available on-demand the week of February 15. You can learn more by going to https://nkba.org/kbis-2021-conference/

Will my company receive a refund and when?

Yes, all KBIS Virtual exhibitors will automatically receive a full refund of exhibit booth package and sponsorship fees paid. No questions asked, no forms to fill out. The Emerald accounting team is working on processing refunds now and we expect refunds to be issued within the next three weeks.

Can I roll over funds to KBIS 2022?

If your company wishes to apply your refund to your KBIS 2022 exhibit space, please contact your KBIS account executive.

What about our booth leads report? When will we receive it?

We are working to get the attendee booth visit lead reports and will distribute them as soon as possible.

Can we get our exhibit booth content to reuse?

Yes, your exhibit booth content has been archived and is accessible via Cloud Exhibit Hub.  If you need assistance – please contact Lane.Vento@emeraldx.com.

Can we get the full attendee registration list?

Unfortunately, we are unable to share the KBIS Virtual attendee list with you due to compliance reasons.  However, list rentals are available for KBIS to send out a message on your company’s behalf. Please reach out to your account executive for more information.

When will the postponed KBIS Virtual take place? Will we have to pay again to participate?

We are currently working with internal technical teams as well as external IT consultants to investigate the server failure and to determine remedies that would allow us to proceed with reopening the KBIS Virtual exhibits.  This process may take up to two weeks.  If the KBIS Virtual platform can be successfully repaired to our satisfaction that we can deliver a trouble-free and excellent customer experience, we will move forward and announce new dates for KBIS Virtual to continue.  If we can proceed, we will offer participation to current KBIS Virtual exhibitors at no charge.

What is KBIS show management doing to help promote our company now?

We are adding the KBIS Virtual exhibitor list on the kbis.com with links to your company’s websites and/or virtual showrooms. An email blast to all attendees will be sent out the week of February 15 directing attendees to visit our exhibitor list.

Additional promotional efforts via email and social media are being planned with details to follow shortly.

Will our company still receive priority points for KBIS 2022 from our participation in KBIS Virtual 2021?

Yes, KBIS Virtual 2021 exhibitors will continue to receive priority points credit for participating in the show.

When will space selection for KBIS 2022 take place? Has anything changed?

While we’ve experienced the unfortunate challenges this week with KBIS Virtual, we must continue our planning for the successful return of next year’s in-person show in Orlando. We have already begun rebooking our largest exhibitors for KBIS 2022 and will continue space selection on March 15. A schedule of individual company selection time appointments to be conducted the third week of March via Zoom meetings with KBIS account executives and a link to the KBIS 2022 floor plan will be sent out shortly.