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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025

Event Service Providers

We are pleased to announce the following list of official, authorized event service providers. 


Official, Authorized Event Service Providers


Freeman Decorating Company

Furnishings, Carpet, Electric, Compressed Air, Water/Drain, Natural Gas, Cable Service, Freight, Labor, Booth Cleaning, Rigging, Sign Production, Audio Visual/Computer Rental



Cox Communications

Internet & Telephone


Lead Retrieval



TLC Atlanta Convention Plant Services

Floral & Plants

PWP Studio


Special Operations Associates, Inc. (SOA)

Booth Security


Models & Hosts

Phoenix International 

International Freight Forwarder


IMPORTANT: You may be contacted by third party companies purportedly offering services related to the event.  Please be aware that, despite potentially confusing language in their solicitations to you, many of these companies are not affiliated in any way with the event, are not endorsed by us, and may be offering services that are either subpar, misleading, or fraudulent.  We do not in any way endorse or condone these companies and we are not responsible for their behavior.  Any business arrangements regarding the event that you may make through unaffiliated third party companies are at your own risk and expense.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.