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Technology in Showroom Design

Dec 16, 2015


Today’s showrooms are working harder than ever to showcase products and displays. While some believe a large showroom ensures more success, bigger doesn’t always mean better. What’s more important is how the space is designed and utilized. KBIS 2016 Innovative Showroom Awards advisory board member, Ken Nisch, Chairman, JGA, a global leader in branded environments and consumer strategy, explains how technology can effect showroom design in a positive and engaging way.

“When we look at innovation, so often it involves a screen or a plug or technology itself. Technology is a servant, not a solution. Often innovation comes more from the “software” of how the showroom is programmed for flexibility and reinvention,” said Nisch.

On that same note of technology, we are also seeing it play a key role within recent emerging trends.

“One of the interesting things happening is seeded in the world of technology in terms of Virtual Reality and Visualization Tools,” explains Nisch. “It will move quite quickly from “Geek Squad” to mainstream consumers, most likely over the next three to five years, and it allows consumers to have a fully dimensional visualization of environments in real time, including finishes, lighting options, and of course the physical elements of the space. This will encourage a space to be more emotionally and experientially focused – to allow them to be on the leading edge of design. Most of the mainstream needs of the consumer will be able to be addressed through technology, and it opens a door to more creative and interesting showrooms.”

One of Nisch’s personal favorite showroom designs is Virginia Tile in Chicago. “We created an open approach to the exterior windows, accented with the brand identity and lifestyle graphics, while the open and articulated ceiling becomes a major background to the impactful product displays,” describes Nisch.

“This structure accommodates the accent lighting and visually leads the visitor into a variety of spaces that branch off from the main showroom area. A variety of lighting “surprises,” including feature areas where the lighting is activated by the viewing process when pulling out concealed sliding panels, triggers a corresponding spotlight reaction.”

The top 18 finalists will be invited to attend an Academy Award style ceremony in South Hall on the KBISNeXT Stage. The ceremony will be held on the first day of the show, January 19th, 3:45PM-4:15PM. Each finalist will be individually recognized and winners will then be announced.

Photography by: Laszlo Photography, Farmington Hills, MI
Photography by: Laszlo Photography, Farmington Hills, MI