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Effective Showroom Design

Jan 11, 2016

Year after year, there is always a new way of doing something or a new style coming into play. That is also the case for showroom design. Danny Swaim, Vice President of Business Development of PIRCH and advisory board member for the Innovative Showroom Awards at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), dishes on showroom trends and design.

One trend that continues to stay the same is the outlook of “less is more.” “The trend continues to be “less is more,” crossed with transitional style, but with more of a focus on individualizing the space for how the client will live in it,” explains Swaim. “Matchy matchy spaces by brand are less common as clients are looking to build spaces that deliver beautiful moments instead of adding products as status symbols.”

SieMatic’s New York showroom in the A&D building is one example that is proving that less is more. “They challenged the status quo by going from five kitchen vignettes to three lifestyles/ritual spaces,” said Swaim. “The result was the feeling of a total home experience in each of the three spaces; it completely changed the energy of the showroom and made it more inviting and easier to understand from a guest perspective.”

Something just as important as the overall culture of a showroom is its staff. Showroom staff can either make or break a deal, as they should be informative, friendly and interactive. Swaim says, “The most beautiful showroom in the world will be lost on the guests if the interaction and experience with the staff is disappointing.”

The top 18 finalists will be invited to attend an Academy Award style ceremony in South Hall on the KBISNeXT Stage. The ceremony will be held on the first day of the show, January 19th, 3:45PM-4:15PM. Each finalist will be individually recognized and winners will then be announced.