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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025

New at KBIS 2024

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The Luxury Lounge at KBIS 2024, sponsored by Homethreads, held space for the architecture and design community, design media, influencers, and high-end brands to explore luxury in the kitchen and bath. Located in the North Hall, the Lounge provided an inviting oasis for conversation and host programming that explores the multifaceted meaning of “luxury”—from the concept of quiet or discreet luxury to the application of sustainability and technology in the ultra high net worth market.

Each day at the Luxury Lounge provided a unique experience with a range of fireside chat style sessions in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Each talk involved designers, experts and influencers who have successfully navigated the world of “luxury” to weigh in on what luxury means today and where it’s headed tomorrow.

Created for professionals looking to sharpen their understanding of luxury design, this space welcomed veteran and new designers alike. Join us at the Luxury Lounge next year at KBIS 2025. Sign up here to be notified when registration opens in September. 

A crowd at the LUXURY Lounge at KBIS 2024 listens in on a conversation with design professionals
A panel at LUXURY Lounge at KBIS 2024
An attendee speaks into a microphone at LUXURY Lounge at KBIS 2024
Sophie Donelson signs covers of her latest book at LUXURY Lounge at KBIS 2024

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