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Wilsonart Expands Design Library with 150 New Designs

Dec 23, 2014

For centuries, designers have searched for more design choices – in fabrics, wallcoverings, furnishings, and no less so, in laminates. Now Wilsonart has an answer – but it’s not on the wallboard, it’s online.

A leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces for more than 50 years, Wilsonart responds to the designers cry for more with 150 new designs, all available as part of a Virtual Design Library

“We’re already used to finding more products, more conveniently online in our personal lives,” said Gwen Petter, director of surface design at Wilsonart. “We thought ‘why not offer that same flexibility and easy access for laminate?’ So we started with a range of designs, some whimsical, some trendy, and some larger scale that really reposition laminate. Our long-range plan is to grow this ‘extended design offering’ to literally thousands of designs.”

The expanded design library was developed with two guiding factors: make it different and make it easy. “We make it different,” says Petter, “by sourcing designs from artists, from trends and even from photographic real life images. We make it easy by doing all the work for you. Unlike “custom” programs, our graphic designers have done all the work ahead of time – the color matching, layout and image adjustment. You get more without having to do more. We think that’s what designers really want.”

By visiting designers can access this curated library with patterns ranging from photorealistic imagery such as food and floral patterns to abstract and artistic graphics that subtly set a mood. Think color and bold graphics. Think fun with artistic flair. Those are the themes of the first iteration of designs to join the expanded Wilsonart® Laminate collection.

“It’s like that magical moment when music lovers discovered iTunes,” remarked Natalia Smith, design manager at Wilsonart. “Designers can begin to have access to design selection that will continue to grow and evolve with year-round additions from our design team, as well as emerging artists, illustrators, and designers we’ve sourced from around the globe.”

The first 150 designs fall into 9 themed collections: Geometrics, Folk Art, Retro, Sports, Woodgrains, Youthful, Study Hall, Delectable and Nature. Wilsonart plans to expand the online library with additional collections throughout 2015 and beyond. Many of the curated patterns in this collection are also available in broad colorways, providing even more choice and inspiration.

“Take Geometrics, for example,” says Smith. “They are a great way of adding interest in a trend-savvy way. So much of what we see today is a skillful, yet casual mix of ideas and color. You can have a space where historical, time-worn features form a backdrop for an eclectic mixture of flea market finds and bold pops of large-scale color and pattern.”

Selection is one thing. But what about delivery? Wilsonart’s new offer comes with speedy turn-around on everything – just 2-3 weeks from factory to fabricator. Samples are readily available online at  or through Wilsonart’s stellar Customer Service Center at 800-433-3222.

For more information about Wilsonart products, including the newest expanded library collections, visit To learn more about these “beyond-the-wallboard” options, call 1-800-433-3222 for a Wilsonart representative.

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