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Why Does the World need a Fountain Faucet? And Why Now?

Jan 14, 2022

Nasoni Steps Up as ‘Green Exhibitor’ at 2022 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show

Water covers 72% of our Earth, so it may seem there is plenty to go around. However, 97% of that is ocean salt water. Out of the remaining 3%, 2% is trapped in glaciers, leaving only 1% water available for our use. Most of us don’t think that we will struggle for water because we have continuous access to water from our faucets whenever we want. But did you know 1.1 billion people around the world don’t have access to water, while 2.4 billion people lack proper water sanitation?

As per United Nations World Water Development Report (2018), around 6 billion people of the world will be facing scarcity of water by 2050. The main reasons include more water demand, decreasing freshwater resources, population and economic growth, water pollution, and similar others. Although our bathroom faucets might be able to provide uninterrupted water for the next few years, can we guarantee it for the future? Therefore, all of us should contribute our role by using smart equipment that saves water and still fulfills our needs effectively. This is the main vision with which Nasoni steps up with an innovative Fountain Faucet product line that will make people save water without even trying. In this article, we will have a closer look at how fountain faucets can play a major role in saving the world’s water in an economical and friendly manner.

Nasoni Fountain Faucet – Brief Overview

Nasoni offers an award-winning, inspiring, and elegant fountain faucet product line made from top-quality solid brass to offer the durability and convenience users need today. Nasoni’s patented dynamic fountain technology provides a perfect water fountain in the right quantity and flow.

Nasoni fountain feature makes the daily lives of everyone, both young and old, a lot easier. Here are some of the key aspects of the Nasoni Fountain Faucet:

  1. Easily shift to a magnificent, clean water fountain from a traditional bathroom spout with just the flip of a lever.
  2. Carry out daily hygiene activities such as rinsing after facial cleanser, rinsing after brushing teeth, and removing shaving cream with less mess and saving water.
  3. Avoid splashing water all over the counter while rinsing facial cleanser or shaving cream.
  4. Minimize painful bending, making it much easier to use the faucet or take pills.
  5. Assist those with chronic health problems, such as vertigo, dystonia, spinal disk herniation, etc.
  6. Enhance your bathroom’s visual impact without the need for a complete remodel.
  7. Save as much as 88% water compared to traditional faucets.

You can also install Nasoni’s NSF certified under-sink bathroom water filter to filter lead, iron, chlorine, and similar other contaminates. In short, Nasoni Fountain Faucet elevates the traditional faucet experience, bringing style and innovation along with exceptional water-saving capabilities.

Nasoni Fountain Faucet Makes Users Save Water – Without Even Trying

Other than elevating your daily life, Nasoni is working to revolutionize the bathroom faucet industry with a product that provides the first true innovation to save water. Simply by using Nasoni’s fountain feature for improved functionality, users will save water “without even trying”! In a few moments, we will explain this with mathematical calculations. But first, let’s discuss why saving water is more important than ever before.

Global Water Concerns

As per UN Environment Programme (UNEP), around half of the world population will face severe water issues by 2030 if the current levels of water consumption and pollution are not altered. In fact, it is projected that water demand will exceed 40% of the water supply by 2030. This will make governments spend around $200 billion annually just to fulfill water demands.

We are seeing a lot of debates around controlling global warming and countries focusing on zero-carbon initiatives, and similar efforts are required to control water consumption. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) did introduce the program “WaterSense” back in 2006 to emphasize water efficiency in the U.S. Through this program, products are given WaterSense label if they consume at least 20% less water but offer the same or even better performance compared to similar products. However, the issue with such regulations is that they have remained static and are not being updated with the current water concerns the world is facing.  

Other than expecting governments to take bold steps to control water consumption, we also must contribute our part. Many among us leave the faucet running while brushing our teeth, waste water while washing our faces, and do plenty of other careless water wastage mistakes. If we start saving water from our ends and let governments take further bold steps, we can shift the devastating future water supply and demand statistics. To turn this fancy thought into a reality, Nasoni is offering the world’s first innovative, efficient, and appealing Fountain Faucet.

Nasoni Fountain Faucet – Saving 88% of Water

The traditional bathroom faucets eject water at their full strength, while Nasoni’s patented fountain feature ejects a small amount of water with enough pressure to make you complete what you want to do. In simple words, the Nasoni fountain faucet ensures that most of the water reach where it should reach, such as the face, mouth, glass, etc.

Nasoni’s fountain stream is a mere 0.26gpm (gallon per minute), which is the lowest gpm among the three types of faucets used in the US as listed below:

  1. Standard/Normal Faucets: 2.2gpm
  2. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense Faucets: 1.5gpm
  3. California Energy Commission (CEC) Compliant Faucets: 1.2gpm

So, if we compare Nasoni faucets (0.26gpm) with standard bathroom faucets (2.2gpm), then it shows 88% less water usage. Let’s understand it with the help of a simple example. If a person washes his/her face twice a day and keeps the water running for 1.5 minutes, then the person with standard faucets will be consuming 6.6 gallons per day (2*1.5*2.2 = 6.6). On the other hand, if the same person uses Nasoni Fountain Faucet, then he/she will be consuming only 0.78 gallons per day (2*1.5*0.26 = 0.78). So, there is a clear 88% savings with the Nasoni faucet.

Similarly, Nasoni faucets consume 82% less water compared to EPA WaterSense faucets and 78% less water compared to CEC Compliant faucets. Along with reducing water to a great extent, it also reduces the overall water bills. Let assume you are a family of five members and water rates where you live as follow:

Water service per gallon = $0.0133

Sewer service = $0.01

Wastewater treatment fee = $0.008

The below table highlights all the dollars and gallons you can save if you switch to Nasoni Fountain Faucet:

ElementsStandard (2.2gpm) vs. Nasoni (0.26gpm)WaterSense (1.5gpm) vs. Nasoni (0.26gpm)CEC Compliant (1.2gpm) vs. Nasoni (0.26gpm)
Annual Dollars Saved (Water Service + Sewer Service + Wastewater Service)$664.91$464.98$322.17
Annual Gallons Saved21,24314,85510,293
Annual Greenhouse Gas Saved (Pounds)191.19133.7092.64

You can do calculations according to your area’s water rates by using Nasoni online water savings calculator. One thing evident from the above table is that the Nasoni fountain faucet checks all the checkboxes regarding saving water, cost, and environment. Moreover, these thousands of gallons saved are just from one household. Imagine if fountain faucets become a part of most of the houses, we will be able to save astonishing amounts of gallons “without even trying”.

Nasoni’s Goal of Saving One Billion Gallons of Water Annually by 2030

It is said that big goals define how successful you are going to be. That’s what drives Nasoni to think beyond just giving users a beautiful fountain faucet in their bathrooms. Even when the company first decided to work on developing fountain faucets, the goal was always to develop a product that addresses the concerning water supply and demand issue.

Fast forward to today, we have managed to develop the industry’s first lowest water-consuming fountain faucet that delivers even better performance compared to other faucets. So, the development is done and now we want to contribute our role in saving the planet’s water supply.

With Nasoni’s innovative Fountain Faucet, in the U.S. alone we can save over a billion gallons of water annually by the year 2030 if we manage to reach our sales target by 2030. This is not just an assumption. In fact, the below table shows you how the Nasoni Fountain Faucet can save a billion gallons of water only factoring in the teeth brushing time of U.S. residents.

If we sum the gallons saved per year from the above table, the total shows up as whooping 136,164,520,492 saved gallons just from smartly brushing teeth. It is equivalent to 9 million 15,000-gallon backyard swimming pools. Now imagine the amount of water a person can save while rinsing face, hair, shaving cream, etc. All these promising statistics motivate us to make fountain faucets a common item in every household.

Wrapping Up

The world’s water supply is on a verge of collapse. More demand coupled with less supply will cause billions of people to struggle for clean water in the coming years. It has become more important than ever to take bold steps in saving the world’s freshwater supplies. Although governments are the ones who must play a key role in it, it is our responsibility as well to contribute as much as we can. Step up with an innovative Nasoni fountain faucet that not just updates your bathroom décor, but also saves water without even trying. A win-win.

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