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What Is The Most Used Appliance In The Kitchen? Introducing the ROHL Water Appliance™ Solution

Oct 9, 2013

Irvine, CA – You may be surprised to learn that the most used “appliance” in the kitchen actually is the sink/faucet center. On average, the sink, faucet and its complementary accessories, are used ten to thirty times daily. That’s more use than most other kitchen appliances experience in a week.   ROHL has taken this insight and defined a series of sink/faucet/accessory solutions which offer customers a range of durable and attractive options.


The ROHL® Water Appliance™ solution is a thoughtful combination of a foundational sink, multi-functional faucet and complementary accessories like integrated disposer buttons, instant hot water dispensers, and/or water filtration systems to insure that the most used kitchen “appliance” offers a full range of function and style.  Components may be added or subtracted depending on customer needs.


In this age of “appliance lust” it’s not unusual for consumers, with their designers, to spend $10,000 for a 36” range oven, $8,000 for a refrigerator and $2,000 for a dishwasher. Ironically the most used kitchen “appliance” – the sink/faucet center – is often budgeted without the proper attention.  Rethinking the reality of use should cause both a shift in thinking and budgeting.  Making the investment in a ROHL® Water Appliance™ will yield long term satisfaction at a fraction of a $10,000, 36” range.


“The ROHL® Water Appliance™ is a no compromise solution,” explained, Lou Rohl, CEO and Managing Partner for ROHL. “Its combined function, beauty, and durability offer a lasting result. From the foundational component – the sink – to a complete portfolio of kitchen faucets and accessories, the ROHL commitment to detail and innovative choices is unmatched.”


ROHL Sinks, like those from the Luxury Stainless Steel and Fireclay Collections, are authentically crafted using the finest materials and are designed to withstand the demands of a modern-day kitchen. From the size and shape of the bowl to the materials used in its construction, each component is carefully considered to ensure its longevity. Many ROHL Sinks often outlive the very spaces for which they were created – a true testament to the artisans who handcraft each piece.


This same attention to detail is also witnessed in every ROHL Faucet. With more than 50 options from which to choose, each crafted of solid brass and using ceramic disc cartridges to provide maximum durability, the ROHL Faucet combines functionality with thoughtful design. Whether selecting from traditional Old World styling or modern interpretations of architectural icons, the choices are limitless.


The breadth of the ROHL portfolio also spans into a complete array of accessories, filter taps, sink grids and soap dispensers guaranteed to transform the ROHL® Water Appliance™ into the ultimate kitchen solution.

Impeccably crafted, superbly engineered and the focal point of today’s most up-to-date kitchens, the ROHL® Water Appliance™ represents the perfect combination of form, function and uncompromising value  and ensures every element has been resolved.


About ROHL

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