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Industrial Loft by Wellborn Cabinet

Feb 14, 2019

Industrial Loft by Wellborn Cabinet

The designer pulled inspiration from industrial styling because it is anything but ordinary. The main feature of this style is the unfinished look that focuses on combining bare and rough surfaces with a clean and flat finish. A little rough, but by no means dull, the industrial style is characterized by an individual unfinished wall made from concrete or masonry, metal chandeliers hanging from wire, leather chairs, and wooden floors. With a contemporary twist on industrial styling, this kitchen celebrates a bold starkness with its blend of different metals.


About the Design

This contemporary industrial kitchen revels in the drama of differing materials; wrought iron accents, glass doors, and a sliding ladder. While the designer played with multiple materials; multiple door styles and cabinetry colors weren’t left untouched either. Complementary styles can strengthen your kitchen’s overall look, while opposites can produce an attractive transitional design. This kitchen shakes it up with a mix of Wellborn’s Estate Series using the Chelsea and Antigua door styles. The wall cabinetry is the Chelsea door style in Maple with the newly launched Suede stain. The Suede cabinetry above the cooktop features matching interior cabinet colors. Beautiful matching cabinetry interiors further accentuate the contemporary look that makes this kitchen so desirable. The island’s cabinetry is the Chelsea door style in Maple with the newly launched Mink paint. The lower base cabinetry is the Antigua door style in Maple with the newly launched Shale stain. The designer picked these door styles because the Chelsea door style seamlessly accents the Antigua door style. All the Chelsea cabinetry features the smooth close hinges for smooth movement of the cabinets. Lighting in the kitchen is crucial; Hafele’s Loox lighting program was installed throughout the kitchen and island. To add unique quality to this kitchen, the drawers have quality 5/8” hardwood dovetail joints providing strength and durability for a lifetime.



The functionality of this kitchen makes it a chef’s dream kitchen because it is filled with easily accessible organizational storage solutions. In the cabinet to the left of the oven is a utility cabinet with a superior pantry pullout. The superior pantry pullout has stainless steel hardware to keep items safely stored and to allow easier cleanup. In the cabinet to the right of the oven is a utility cabinet with sliding shelves. The sliding shelves make it easier to store bulky kitchen items. Below the oven is a deep drawer pegged dish organizer to store plates and cookware lids. The two cabinets above the utility cabinets are equipped with tray dividers to simplify storing pans and platters. The cabinetry at the top of the kitchen is perfect for storing stock pots, which aren’t needed for everyday use, and keep them neatly tucked away. The cabinetry above the cooktop features finished and interior decorative doors with Clear Water glass fronts. 

The left base cabinet features a base peg pullout for storing cooking utensils close to the cooktop. The right base cabinet features a base tray and foil pullout to keep trays and foil neatly tucked away. The base cabinets are concealed with sliding barn doors which quietly slide to either side of the cabinets. The cabinet unit hidden by the barn doors was created using the YouDrawIt program which allows you to customize your kitchen. When the barn doors are open, there are open display base end cabinets on both the left and right sides creating open shelf storage. When the barn doors are closed, the top drawer is dressed in a deep drawer organizer with dividers and a deep drawer vertical plate holder, making it easier to store multiple sized cooking items. In the bottom drawer is a deep drawer organizer with triangle pegs; the adjustable pegs allow you to adjust to the size of your cookware. Each organizational solution behind the barn doors is made with Walnut wood which ensures quality and lasting impressions. 


The options for kitchen islands are endless, allowing for preparation, cooking and enjoying food with ease; gain added seating, storage and organization space; and create an entertaining hub where family and friends can partake in activities in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The island in this kitchen certainly carries out the industrial style with a concrete waterfall countertop featuring a basin for potted herbs and an Elements Onyx aluminum base frame. In the cabinets to the left of the sink is a cutlery organizer, a cutlery organizer with a knife block organizer, and a spice rack organizer. These organizers are made with Walnut wood which adds to the quality of this kitchen. Below the sink are a superior under sink caddy pullout and a superior under sink single caddy pullout with a gray drip tray. The caddies make storage of cleaning items more accessible. Continuing the high quality of the kitchen, the top drawer to the right of the sink features a Walnut cutlery organizer with a container holder organizer also included is 6 stainless steel containers. This drawer holds all cooking essentials in one location while keeping it organized. Below this drawer is a wastebasket pullout so cleaning dishes and clearing the table is a breeze. The last two drawers on the right side of this island contain deep dividers to store variously sized cooking essentials and washcloths with ease.


It’s All About the Details

Cabinet moulding is a long, narrow decorative piece of wood that is used to give cabinetry a customized look. A Large Step Cove Crown moulding was installed at the top of the cabinetry with a Contemporary Fascia moulding. Below the upper cabinets, a Cove Light Rail moulding was installed to hide the light fixtures and continue the unified design. Applied doors were mounted on the ends and back side of the island to create a furniture-piece look. An Onyx Elements Aluma Frame base system was implemented along the bottom of the island and next to the basin for potted herbs which gives this kitchen the industrial texture tying it into the design.