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Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. – Classic Contemporary Kitchen

Jan 14, 2020

About the Design 

Contemporary kitchens embrace negative space, strong shapes, and clean lines while leaving plenty of room for experimentation. Fully embracing the latest in technology, materials, and trends, which commonly include cutting edge appliances, dramatic lighting, mixed materials, a unique peninsula cabinet, and a creative backsplash.

Lending to the sleek design is Push to Open and Touch to Open opening mechanisms which provide easy accessibility and seamless functionality. While modern elements dominate this kitchen, fundamental functionality is at its core with spice pull-outs, corner pull-outs, superior drawer inserts, deluxe under sink caddy pull-out, and open shelving.

Wellborn’s frameless cabinetry has a minimalist, understated look that defines this kitchen. This kitchen blends two door styles; Bel-Air and Midtown, which creates the contemporary element eliminating the typical cold-environment. The wall cabinetry is the Midtown door style with the recently launched High Gloss Moonlight finish. The base cabinetry is the Bel-Air door style with the Husk Alder finish. The peninsula cabinetry is the Midtown door style with the recently launched Matte Ebony finish. The flourish-free design lets the beauty of the natural wood grain and the supersleek cabinetry take center stage.

Storage Details 

Tucked out of sight, customized solutions create a place for every kitchen utensil, appliance, and ingredient. Spices, condiments, and more have dedicated spots to keep them off counters and easy to find. Storage innovation continues right down to the last detail, concealed storage solutions make this kitchen highly functional.
Small spaces offer a surprising amount of kitchen storage with the base spice rack. It combines clean lines, modern chrome accents, and luxuriously finished shelving to create a striking piece of organizational technology.

The base blind corner cabinet with a superior corner pullout maximizes space in the blind corner cabinets while allowing full accessibility. Featuring solid bottom shelves, soft-close ball-bearing slides and heavy-duty materials making it functional, reliable, and stylish.

The highest traffic zone in the entire house is the kitchen sink. Organize cleaning supplies in our deluxe under sink caddy pullout accompanied by a gray drip tray. The drip tray is easy to clean up and resistant to most household chemicals.

Silverware and kitchen utensils are essential tools for every kitchen and when drawers are organized and neatly divided for each utensil, the entire kitchen is more streamlined and functional. The simple superior flatware accessory keeps silverware and utensils separated and organized.

Hands full? No problem. Wellborn Cabinet’s motion-activated wastebasket pullout provides hands-free access. With just the movement of your foot, this trend-forward innovative mechanism offers a practical solution to a necessary task while simplifying cleanup in the kitchen.

Peninsula Cabinets 

Fresno metal doors bridge the gap between yesterday’s favorites and today’s fashions. Low iron satin glass inserts lend a little texture, embellishing the kitchen with the easy access dynamic single shelf. Gently pull down on the handle to deliver a perfect sequence of movement to bring down all shelves within arm’s reach. 

Kitchen designs commonly include an open floor plan, requiring the need for additional storage. As timeless as it is trend-forward, integrating open shelving streamlines the overall aesthetic with a polished, custom look.

It’s In The Details 

Layers of lighting are critical to any suitable design, which adds some contrast to the space. In each drawer and cabinet, Hafele’s Loox lighting program was installed for its dramatic impact and functionality.

The colors in this kitchen complement one another but also bait the attention of the guests. Another unique feature is the complimenting gray interior. Beautiful matching cabinetry interiors further accentuate the modern look that makes Aspire cabinetry so desirable. The High Gloss Moonlight wall cabinets have accent edge banding, which extends the color onto the sides and then is met with a shiny faux aluminum band.