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Walker Zanger’s new Byzantium collection highlights antique opulence

Aug 13, 2018

Walker Zanger’s new Byzantium collection highlights
antique opulence

Intricate designs of richly colored marbles exemplify Imperial Byzantium
and Rome

– Ancient Rome and Byzantine Villa structures are revered for extravagant stone
craftsmanship, detailed geometry and organic patterning. In the new
of marble mosaic tiles, Walker
Zanger balances antique lavishness and modern geometry to pay homage to the
intricate opulence of the Roman Era.

Walker Zanger, we review and hand select each natural stone slab to ensure the finest
quality, purest colors and unique veining,” said Jared Becker, Vice President
of Design and Marketing. “Through the Byzantium collection, we reinterpreted the
lush mosaics of Imperial Byzantium and Rome to create a tile that celebrates
the deep colors and rich veins of marble with accents of silver or gold leaf to
elevate any contemporary interior.”

THIS: The new Byzantium collection by
@WalkerZanger balances antique opulence and modern geometry to celebrate the
richly colored marbles that were the hallmark of Imperial Byzantium and Rome.
#walkerzanger #tile

is available in three designs—Heraclee, Ephesus and Palatium—and depending on
the design includes silver or gold metallic accents, and a polished or honed
finish. The collection features marbles such as the vibrant Antique Violetta
from Afyon, Turkey, which is a white marble filigreed with purple veins that
was originally used in buildings such as the Pantheon in Rome. Agean Sea is
another color, which is a blue marble latticed with gray that was also very
characteristic of ancient stone work. In addition, white Thasos, deep-charcoal
Storm Grey, and rich-red Borolo are deftly layered into the marble mosaics.

natural stone is cut by waterjet or stone saw, then blended into each design by
experienced artisans. The combination of technology, unique patterning, and accents
of silver or gold leaf offer decorative options for myriad styles and

the inspiration and designs of the Byzantium collection by visiting its
Pinterest board:

Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger, the world’s most comprehensive stone and tile company,
combines traditional tile-making techniques with a modern sophistication that
transcends any singular design style. A leading choice for design professionals
and consumers, Walker Zanger natural stone and tile products can be found in
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