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Vigor+ Spa System from Valley Acrylic

Jan 15, 2016

The VIGOR+ Spa System is an innovative bathing therapy that of- fers a deeply personalized spa experience within your own home. Specializing in combining three of nature’s most powerful elements, heat, water and air, that eases mental stress, bathes away physical fatigue, relaxes tense muscles and boosts energy levels while you cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. A perfect Detox for your health and well being.


The Vigor+ System works in harmony with your skin’s unique chemistry to help speed up the renewal process and to improve your body’s circulation which helps to slow down the effects of aging skin.


The Vigor+ System is a method of harmonization and natural well-being. Its treatment is as much physical, psychological or emotional. Using Chromatherapy the Vigor+ system allows our vital energy to reach a level for self-healing.


The Vigor+ System relaxes muscles and at the same time, stimulates production of a natural analgesic called endorphins. Using an air massage system creates well-being and relaxation of the whole body.

Cleanse, Detox & Energize

The Vigor+ System optimizes the natural lymphatic drainage in your body thus increasing the body’s ability to eliminate the toxins that weigh down your energies. The ultimate level of body- mind relaxation!

The ultimate level of mind-body relaxation!

Agility, Antiaging, dynamism, vitality, force, healthiness, liveliness and wellbeing of your muscles, a complete body detox all those characteristics in one system!

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
(877) 398-8827

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