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Venezia by Venini Illuminates Magic of Transparency

Feb 16, 2024

Venezia by Venini
Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

Venezia by Venini, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, illuminates the magic of transparency, chromatic fluidity, and the noble art of Murano glass. It is an ambitious project, inspired by a blend of Italian design and craftsmanship in its most sublime form. The joint work of three masters – Fantini, Venini, and Studio Thun – creates a unique product that cannot be recreated industrially. The Venezia collection by Fantini is enriched by two-tone blown glass handles and filigree handles, masterfully reinterpreted by the historic Venini glassworks of Murano. The top-quality craftsmanship of the glass makes every part of the sophisticated Venezia handles unique, with surprising chromatic effects and tactile depth. The chromatic variations enhance the exquisite look of the series, which evokes style, elegance, refinement, luxury, and the memories of historic Venetian traditions and surroundings.

Designed by Marco Williams Fagioli

New to Fantini’s portfolio, O-XY, designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, is a fixture collection inspired by the geometric linearity of Cartesian coordinates, expressed through slim, narrow shapes. The handle of the faucet is a texturized rectangle resting on the faucet body. The interwoven pattern also adds a unique textural element to the design. Available in brass and other PVD finishes.

AF/21 now available in Marble
Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini
Designed by Naoto Fukasawa

The popular AF/21 Collection, by Naoto Fukasawa, is now available in Carrara White and Marquinia Black Marble providing yet another finish option with durability and cleanability built right in. The AF/21 by Naoto Fukasawa is the result of an exploration into the simplification of forms, thought out in terms of maximum clarity. The design is reduced almost to a pure icon, where the aesthetic quality of materials is emphasized. The faucets and shower system become discs and cylinders; the faucets reminiscent of the forms found on the controls of a stereo and the shower system the concise elegance of alphabetic characters.

Designed by Yabu Pushelberg

Sailing is Fantini’s first collaboration with a North American design team and is being presented as the studio’s inaugural collection for the brand. The inspiration for the collection came from Fantini’s home on Lake Orta in Northern Italy. The New York and Toronto based design firm wanted to capture the essence of the lake’s tranquility in their designs. This collection transports you to a day on Lake Orta through its understated design and ode to nautical forms.

Ex. Series

Three collections historically present in the Boffi catalog will now be added to the Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini collection. These products will now be manufactured and distributed by Fantini.

PIPE and ECLIPSE are made from stainless steel – an ecological, recyclable, high-performing material that stands the test of time due to its high-resistance to external agents.

AW/PIPE designed by Marcel Wanders
Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

The AW/PIPE collection brings the industrial pipes and handles into a space and is characterized by the instantly recognizable red handle. The handles are designed to resemble blooming flowers, painted with red epoxy powders, bringing a touch of vitality to functionality. For both indoor & outdoor applications.

AC/ECLIPSE designed by Studio Charlie
Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

AC/ECLIPSE is a collection of brushed stainless steel bathroom fixtures with a shiny, upper rotating element in polished steel. The characteristic opening and water adjustment controls swivel out of the vertical axis of the base.‎

AL/GARDEN designed by Piero Lissoni
Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

AL/GARDEN features easy and immediate water closing and opening, mixed with an antique style typical of old outdoor taps.‎ The new treatment with PVD coating technology guarantees the product resistance over the time.‎