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Valley Goes Square

Dec 28, 2015

Don’t you find your shower or sink drain to be little too classic in a circle shape? At Valley, we believe that “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” – that’s why our team is consistently coming out with unique and innovative projects that will make us shine amongst the competition. Our newest addition: square drains. Valley is now offering our TileMe shower bases in an exquisitely symmetrical square drain, as well as our Shila Stone basins! Our latest basin,Trevi, is the perfect example of this innovative idea.

Shila Stone basins are manufactured from Valley’s signature Shila Stone Material.Accent your bathroom or create a focal point with these fully colour customizable basins.These basins are also manufactured to the highest standards of modern design so they are great as accents to Valley’s Colour Me Series shower bases, or as standalone pieces. Every product from the Colour Me collection are hand painted by Canadian artisan!

This creation is also hygienic because Shila Stone is a nonporous material, in which bacteria is unable to grow! The covered drains also provide a unique sense of convenience, it covers a typical drain, and makes sure it protects any jewelry or valuables from going down the drain. These Drains are also a part of Colour Me which allows you to create a pop of colour to suit your style; and those products are made of Shila Stone. Valley’s Signature Shila Stone material is a nonporous material that is more durable than acrylic. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to etching or staining as well as being leak proof and easy to clean.

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
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Valley Acrylic_Square_2
Valley Acrylic_Square_2