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Valley Acrylic Is Committed to the Environment

Dec 1, 2015

At Valley Acrylic, our ethic involves a paramount consideration of the environment. As explained in an article from Sylvia WELKE, writer for Heads Up CIPEC, we can now say that by innovating and focusing on environmentally friendly operations, we are proud to be a new Canadian Industry Program for Conservation (CIPEC) Leader in the general manufacturing sector.

Ravi Beech, who’s in charge of Marketing & Business Development at Valley, notes that joining CIPEC aligned perfectly with our company values. She also adds: “Energy efficiency is a smart business decision, like other CIPEC members, we want to be part of the solution.”

We are a bathroom products manufacturer located in Mission, British  Columbia, specializing in acrylic bathtubs, showers, modular bathing systems, and shower receptors.

Ravi also points out that “with rising electricity rates, investing in energy efficiency measures helps companies like ours stay sustainable and competitive well into the future”.

To achieve our energy efficiency  goals, we have partnered with BC Hydro for the past three years. During this time, facility lighting was upgraded from T-5 fluorescent lamps to LED lighting. The compressed air system was tested for leaks. Leaks were repaired, and compressors were upgraded to more efficient models.The acrylic sheet heating ovens were also replaced with high-efficiency models, as was the plant’s boiler.

Our company has also been active on the waste reduction front. We have a huge in-house recycling program. As an example, a high-efficiency paper shredder produces the plant’s packaging. Moreover, we invested nearly $3 million to create a machine that enables us to be a zero-waste facility.The plant recycles all its acrylic waste to produce a new material that is featured as an “Enviroline”. Ravi agrees that it was worth the investment to keep the acrylic waste out of the landfills.

We will continue to focus on research and development in green technologies and lean manufacturing as it expands its operations. We want to be leaders in these aspects; we also have a number of energy efficiency measures planned for the near future, including retrofit some of our equipment motors with variable frequency drives.

Ravi states our goal is to keep manufacturing, from start to finish in Canada, and to ensure that it meets high ethical and environmental standards. We are devoted to being a sustainable partner with the environment while focusing on customer needs.

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
(877) 398-8827

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