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Nov 18, 2015

ILLUMINATION SERIES BASINS: are manufactured from AURA Stone, manufactured with the highest standard of materials and processes. These basins come with the ability to customize the illumination colour made in a number of custom colours according to the consumer’s needs and style. This makes it easy to add a pop of vibrant illumination to the modern bathroom to accent any modern design. The sleek lines and modern style of these basins also allow the consumer to give their bathroom the contemporary look they are looking for.

VALLEY, a Mission, BC based manufacturer of new and innovative bathroom products made to the highest standard of quality and design is featuring a new line of Aura Stone Basins, and their Illumination series. VALLEY strives to provide the international bath market with new and innovative bath- room products manufactured to the highest standard of Canadian luxury. The Illumination series allows you to customize this collection by adding modern technology and allowing your sink to illuminate with a light source. And the ability of customizing by choosing the colour of illumination that intrigues your mood. VALLEY is introducing the AURA STONE collection and ILLUMINATION Series, a unique product in the bath market that allows for customizable designs which are hand made by Canadian Artesians and illumination to be added into Basins, manufactured in Canada. Valley’s manufacturing materials: AURA STONE – Valley’s new AURA Stone material is non-porous, hygienic and durable. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to etching or staining as well as being leak proof and easy to clean.  The Aura Stone collection can be customized, in design, shape and colour.

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