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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025


Valiryo Technologies S.L.

Jan 20, 2022

Valiryo Technologies is a European engineering company that created an innovative air body dryer which offers significant advantages for various sectors such as healthcare, tourism and sports, where it becomes a towel substitute product.

The environmental benefits of reducing or eliminating the use of towels and making drying easier for people with mobility or skin problems were the driving forces that led us to develop this product.

Valiryo is a body dryer that can be installed in the shower and is presented as a great alternative to the towel, offering a new, easier and more pleasant drying experience to maintain that feeling of well-being in the shower. A product that increases the comfort of the room which offers great environmental benefits as it reduces the use of water and electricity (as well as the use and pouring of detergents and softeners) necessary for the washing and proper maintenance of towels.

If you want to receive more information you can write us at or visit our website We are looking forward to seeing you at KBIS 2022!