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Valiryo Technologies created an innovative air body dryer

Jan 28, 2022

Valiryo Technologies is a European engineering company that created an innovative air body dryer which offers significant advantages for various sectors such as residential, healthcare, tourism and sports, where it becomes a towel substitute product. Valiryo provides a pleasurable and enhanced wellness experience that relaxes your muscles, maintains the body´s natural moisture and dries post work-out sweat

The environmental benefits of reducing or eliminating the use of towels and making drying easier for people with mobility or skin problems were the driving forces that led us to develop this product.

Combining comfort, practicality and sustainability, our award-winning Valiryo Body Dryer is the first of its kind. Based in Spain, Valiryo is committed to enhancing wellness, being environmentally responsible and creating a product that is cost effective for homeowners and businesses alike. Ideal for private residences, hotels, resorts, gyms, spas, wellness centers and home bath suites, the Valiryo Body Dryer is soothing, hygienic and easy to install.

Additionally, it eliminates the use of towels and stops post-workout perspiration by offering hot and cold air therapy through 27 evenly-distributed diffusers. Available in two finishes—matte white and matte black—this water resistant, antimicrobial drying system can be installed inside the shower, next to the shower, outdoors or in locker rooms and enjoyed year-round. Using the same amount of power as a hairdryer, the cost saved on washing towels makes a tremendous impact on monthly expenses, especially for hospitality enterprises.

For more information please contact us at or visit our website We are looking forward to seeing you at KBIS 2022, Booth W444!