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Vadara® Unveils Immersive Brand Experience and New Website to Take Surfaces to New Heights

Jan 5, 2022

Austin, TX – November 17, 2021 – Vadara Quartz Surfaces (Vadara), a leading manufacturer of artisan, handcrafted quartz surfaces, has debuted a new brand experience and accompanying website. The multi-faceted approach showcases the artistry of the natural world and how Vadara’s quartz designs capture the timeless story embedded within each surface.

Vadara’s newly coined tagline, “We move mountains to bring spaces to life,” conveys the brand’s focus on seeking inspiration from all corners of the earth to create inspired quartz collections that come alive through the artful merging of functionality and performance with the intrinsic beauty of nature.

The brand’s collections are organized on the website according to the following themes, which are also woven throughout the brand story:

• Threads of Nature – Dramatic designs and dynamic patterns
• Ebbs and Flows – Flowing lines and subtle contrasts found only in nature
• Divine Natural Majesty – A sense of still beauty in ethereal patterns
• Infusions – A striking blend of natural patterns and divine backgrounds
• Hidden Inspiration – Experimental and unique designs

“With our updated branding, we didn’t want to simply show our products in an attractive room setting, but instead wanted to create a bridge between the majestic natural spaces that inhabit our planet and Vadara’s unique approach to crafting surfaces,” said Jake Rumble, creative director at Vadara Quartz Surfaces. “Our mission was to create an immediate, and memorable, visual connection to nature that inspires homeowners and designers to imagine how our quartz designs can elevate their interiors from functional places into spaces of possibility.”

The newly launched branding also reinforces Vadara’s approach to creating intricate quartz surfaces via an artisan-focused design and engineering process that produces veining and coloring that realistically mimics the appearance of natural stone.

The new website is at once functional and visually pleasing, creating an enhanced user experience that invites homeowners and designers to envision Vadara’s designs in a new and immersive way. Improved navigation enables website visitors to preview and sort the brand’s collections, colors, patterns and styles, with the ability to view designs according to tone, background color, vein color, thickness and special features such as book matching.

Pages that group designs according to color have been centralized, making it easy to find project inspiration and then download slab and installation images. An updated Style Gallery allows homeowners and designers to view products according to application, style and Vadara design while a Designer Spotlight section profiles installations featuring Vadara surfaces in a range of interior settings. Website visitors can also create and save a list of their favorite designs, and order free samples via the website.

To experience the new Vadara website and learn more, visit

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