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U.S. Ready-To-Assemble Cabinet Companies to Attend KBIS 2020

Jan 17, 2020

Companies in Important Industry Segment Await Outcome of Potentially Devastating Trade Case

WHAT: U.S. Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) Cabinet Distributors Participate in Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS 2020)

WHEN: January 21-23, 2020

WHERE: Las Vegas Convention Center

WHO: Executives from leading U.S. RTA cabinet distribution companies, including members of the American Coalition of Cabinet Distributors (ACCD)

WHY: A group of U.S. RTA cabinet companies will participate in the kitchen and bath industry’s premiere annual event, the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), in Las Vegas on January 21-23. The show comes one month before a critical U.S. government hearing on a trade case filed by made-to-order cabinet companies seeking punitive duties on imported RTA product that would cripple companies in the niche RTA segment. RTA provides a quick turnaround option that services a unique customer segment. If the petitioners succeed, RTA companies will face high duties that could severely limit RTA cabinets from the U.S. market, threatening the future of U.S. businesses that sell RTA products and jeopardizing the jobs of thousands of American workers employed directly and indirectly by the RTA sector.

“As evidenced by the ever-growing number of cabinet vendors and customers appearing at KBIS, the U.S. cabinet industry as a whole continues to prosper,” said Randy Goldstein, CEO of Raleigh, NC-based Kitchen Cabinet Distributors. “Yet companies in the RTA sector, which comprise less than 10% of the growing U.S. cabinet industry, have been targeted by made-to-order cabinet producers who seek to put us out of business. We are fighting an opportunistic trade petition filed by made-to-order cabinet companies that have themselves imported significant volumes of product from China and other countries in the last several years. We hope the U.S. government sees through this cynical ploy and decides to support entrepreneurial U.S. RTA cabinet companies.”

About ACCD

The American Coalition of Cabinet Distributors is the voice of small and medium-sized businesses that import, distribute and install ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets in homes and businesses across the United States. Our member companies directly employ tens of thousands of Americans and indirectly support many more.

Contact: For interviews with RTA cabinet executives attending KBIS, please contact Maya Bogle, 202-828-1727