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Tymisauna Is Bringing the Benefits of a Spa to the Home

Sep 8, 2014

Turning a shower into a steam and sauna room with digital music is now possible and affordable with waterproof touch screen technology.


For a millennia, mankind has known the therapeutic rewards of water, steam and massage for both the body and the mind. The ancient Greeks knew it and made public baths a centerpiece of their civilization. The ancient Chinese knew it and went to great lengths to ensure that hydrotherapy was available to the elite. In modern times this luxury has only been available to the ultra-wealthy or those willing to sacrifice convenience and sanitation for the use of a public bathhouse or gym.


More recently Western medicine has begun to realize the amazing health benefits of the steam and sauna bath and has begun prescribing it for many ailments from asthma and arthritis to colds and cancer, not to mention the obvious stress relief provided after a long day at work or with the kids. It is being discovered that steam baths provide therapy and relief for many ailments once treated only with expensive medications and some believe they may one day be considered as integral to overall health as exercise and a healthy diet.


Now Tymisauna Corporation, formerly known only in Asia, is bringing their in-home spa to the shores of America and Europe at a fraction of the cost of any existing product. Anyone with a shower can now experience the health and relaxation benefits fit for a king right in their own home.


“The [steam] baths are a part of healthy life where I come from,” said Nat Nguyen, a native of Vietnam and recent customer. “It is incredible to see it in my own home so easily.”


And says Mr. & Mrs. Foss in Rancho Cucamonga: “We enjoy it every day, it makes us feel good and healthy.”


The easy to install panels (one to two hours is standard) bring steam, heat and water massage within seconds of activating the waterproof touch screen which also acts as a cd/mp3 player and radio to relax the mind and also as a convenient hands-free telephone. Along with the overhead nozzle common to the western shower (though this one is much larger), there is also a hand-held personal massager along with a minimum of six other jets going up and down the back and legs, all under computer control as desired by the bather. After the shower the steam escapes harmlessly through the air vents common in most bathrooms and the user emerges refreshed, relaxed and invigorated.


“I wanted to either take a nap or run a marathon…the feeling was incredible,” Michael Allen, a customer from Cypress, CA said of his first experience. “Even food tasted better. It was so strange, like I was clean on the inside. I was hooked.”


The units also have a dry sauna option which can raise the temperature 30 degrees in less than seven minutes and can be used at the same time as the shower or on its own. The heart of the unit is wall mounted outside the shower, is about as big as a medicine cabinet and is also finished.


All Tymisauna products are made from the finest materials including exotic hardwood, glass or chrome finishes, high quality plumbing hardware and stress-tested CPUs. All models come with a three-year guarantee and warrantee. Models range from $500 to $4900 depending on options and materials and all come with the same top-notch quality and attention to detail. Both domestic and international patents are pending.


These remarkable products must be seen (and preferably used) to be believed. Please contact TYMISAUNA at (714) 847-1866 for more information or go to to see a video demonstration as well as the different models available.


Tymisauna steam and sauna system turns your existing shower into a wet steam/dry sauna room. With our new steam/sauna shower panels, installation has never been easier for a new construction or an existing shower.


All Tymisauna models come with a high tech LCD touch screen control panel. As well as rain shower, a radio, CD Player or MP3 HU, a telephone, water jets massage (back and feet) interchanging positions, and many more.


A hot steam bath is scientifically proven healthy as well as can help relieve Asthma, Arthritis, Lose weight, Reuthmatism, Muscle pain, Stress fatigue, Clear skin complexion, Cold/Fever, Allergies, and many more. Basically, it lets the users get some much-needed relaxation after a long day at work.


At TYMISAUNA, we are dedicated in perfecting their products and bring good health to the users. All our products included a 2-year Limited warranty.