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TOTO Shower System

Nov 13, 2013

This year, TOTO is making a big splash in the shower by reinventing the morning ritual as a luxuriant – yet responsible – experience through its People-First Innovations Gyrostream, cascade flow, air injection and water pulse.

Overhead Rain Showers

The TOTO Shower Systems’ overhead rain showerhead uses patented air injection technology to increase the volume of water in each droplet by innovatively drawing air in through the showerhead and pumping it into the water droplet – enlarging and increasing their volume. To further enhance the showering experience, the overhead water falls in short, pulsating intervals.

As a result of these new water technologies, bathers feel as if they are being encased in far more water than they are actually using, which makes the shower experience extremely pleasurable as it honors our water supply by reducing consumption. The TOTO Shower System’s overhead rain showerheads are available in 8” and 12” spray faces, and in Contemporary and Traditional design statements.


The TOTO System’s handshowers also offer air injection technology, increasing the water’s volume while decreasing water consumption. The handshowers, too, offer cascading flow and Gryrostreamsprays. Cascading flow produces a broad stream of water reminiscent of a small waterfall. Gyrostream is TOTO’s patented water massage function in which the jets evenly pulsate the water as it leaves the showerhead to massage and invigorate the body. The TOTO Shower System’ handshowers are available in Traditional and Contemporary design aesthetics in a single-mode 5” sprayface with air injection technology; and a multi-spray mode 5” sprayface with air injection, cascading flow, and Gyrostream. An example of TOTO’s People-Centered Design philosophy, these hand-held units are extremely easy to use – bathers can easily switch between the different sprays by simply clicking a button.


Wall-mounted Gyrostream bodysprays can be added to supplement the

overhead and hand showers for a therapeutic, stimulating massage