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Tile Redi® “Wonder Drain” to Market

Feb 6, 2014

Tile Redi®, world-leading manufacturer and marketer of pre-formed, one-piece shower pans and related accessories, brings Wonder Drain to market, the only one-piece tile-able shower pan with hidden drains combined with square tile-able drain grates. According to Farrell Gerber, Tile Redi Executive Vice President, Sales, “Once Wonder Drain is installed, end-users wonder where it is!”

Tile Redi® is the only manufacturer of a one piece ready-to-tile shower pan with everything integrated, including the drain, pitch, curb(s) and splash walls, and listed by UL to comply with all plumbing codes. Very importantly, these products are LEAK-PROOF.


The firm offers the industry’s largest line of Tile Ready® Brand patented one piece shower pans, which include over 100 models of Redi Base® standard shower pans. These products require only 30 minute installation times and offer the industry’s only leak-proof solution for tiled shower floors.


Tile Redi’s® patented and UL-listed shower pans and other innovative tile ready products are manufactured as pre-formed, one-piece shower modules. Shower pans are complete with fully integrated drains, curbs and splash walls, each leak-proof and mold free unit is pre-pitched for easy drainage and immediately ready for tile. By solving water intrusion problems, Tile Redi® shower pans inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. For more information, please contact: Tile Redi®, 4450 NW 126th Avenue, Suite 101, Coral Springs, FL 33065. Call 800-232-6156.