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THOR Kitchen delivers new range hoods that can handle the heat

Apr 2, 2021

Range hoods available in 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch sizes with up to 1,200 CFM of suction

LOS ANGELES – THOR Kitchen has launched a new series of Professional Range Hoods, available in 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch sizes and heights of either 16 or 11.5 inches. The powerful suction capabilities easily handle odors, smoke and steam from multiple pots and pans, while the linear styling and stainless steel finish provides a modern complement to any kitchen space.

“When you have a powerful professional gas range in your kitchen, you need a ventilation hood that can handle all that heat and vapor so that you don’t end up with stains or oil build-up on your cabinets,” said Kyle You, Managing Director of THOR Kitchen. “Our Professional Range Hoods are engineered to be superbly quiet, yet effective in eliminating smoke, heat and other aromas to match THOR’s professional line up of gas ranges and drop-in cooktops.”

Key Product Features and Functions:
– The 48-inch Professional Range Hood provides a powerful 1,200 CFM of suction to easily handle the odors, smoke and steam from multiple pots, pans and burners. The 36-inch and 30-inch models each provide 1,000 CFM of suction.
– Each unit is equipped with 3.5-watt LED lights to illuminate the cooking area. LED lamps consume at least 75% less energy as compared to incandescent bulbs and require less bulb replacements, reducing maintenance costs.
– At its highest speed, the fan’s noise level tops out at a maximum 67 decibels for quiet operation. Easy-to-operate push button controls make it simple to alternate between fan speeds and turn on the light.
– A large commercial-style 430 grade stainless steel baffle filter maximizes air flow and grease filtering while the hood is in operation.
– The stainless steel finish offers a modern design aesthetic and is built to withstand high heat, grease, oil and steam. Duct covers are available as a separate accessory for each range hood to assist in extending the height of the hood and concealing exposed ducting.

For more information about the THOR’s Professional Range Hoods, visit