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The WOW Factor of CANTERA INC.

Feb 13, 2024


If you’re one of the thirty million viewers who’ve watched The Voice, you’ve probably heard Judge Gwen Stefani mention, “the wow factor.” What exactly is the wow factor? In singing, it’s the performance that makes you feel the emotion of the song and makes you hum it the whole next day.

For designers, it’s similar. They want to create something that grabs you, makes you feel emotion (even if it’s just an appreciation of beauty), and they want you to hum it… okay, sing their praises.

For all that architects, designers, and developers create; it’s the architectural details that people admire most. Sure, that cantilevered living room is a feat of engineering, but the first thing that people notice is that gorgeous Stone Bath and Marble Floor. The contemporary grandeur of that Kitchen Hood. Sure, they could have used stucco on the exterior of that bank, but the limestone cladding makes a much bolder statement.

You want your designs to have the WOW factor? You need architectural stone. You need CANTERA INC.

CANTERA INC. brings flavor, texture, and variety to the cut and carved stone market. They provide old-world, hand-carved craftsmanship with modern design and delivery to any architectural product: Baths, Sinks, Kitchen Hoods, Fireplaces, Columns, Cladding, Mosaic, Flooring, Fireplaces, Fountains, Balustrade and more.

Designer Jorge Dalinger recently specified a farm sink manufactured from a hard Yucatan limestone called crema maya. “I wanted something different and dynamic,” he revealed. “I specify CANTERA INC. products for a lot of my work, but never something like this. I showed their team my design, and they delivered on time, as promised.”

In addition to its facility in Mexico, CANTERA INC. partners with five international manufacturers: three in Italy, one in Spain, and one in Portugal, These partnerships provide not only a stunning array of marble, limestone, travertine, cantera, basalt, and granite, they also streamline the ordering process to get you your product faster.

A recent contract to supply product for the largest multi-use development in Tulsa, Oklahoma, evidences the success of this partnership. “The architect wanted a stone that would not only accentuate their design,” said Andrew Firestone, President of CANTERA INC., “but create a sense of permanence and classic, old world, architectural flavor. He chose the Spanish limestone, Azul Moderno, and was ecstatic with the result.”

From classic to contemporary, architectural stone provides the wow factor precast concrete can’t.

“I used precast because I thought I was saving money,” said developer Todd Morse, “but when I added up the mold charges, I realized I could be buying carved stone instead, which has a life and elegance precast can’t match.”

“Custom orders are our specialty,” boasts Firestone. “Architects and designers now use our design platform to inspire and create their project ideas.”

He’s referring to the virtually unlimited supply of downloadable architectural details available in both Auto Cad and PDF formats, which architects and designers can access from CANTERA INC’s online catalog. They can be used interchangeably to create any design desired. Check it out. I bet you’ll say, “Wow!”

Visit CANTERA INC. on the web at or call one of our helpful sales associates at 800.564.8608.