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Liebherr’s Stylish Answer To Freshness

Nov 20, 2013

Show off the materials and design of your custom kitchen to the fullest with Liebherr’s sleek fully integrated refrigerator/freezer. The HCB 2060 model accommodates unique and creative approaches to design as well as the individual needs of the homeowner. Choose from fully integrated concealed behind cabinetry or the professional esthetics of stainless steel. The 36” unit offers almost 20 cubic feet of capacity to hold a significant amount of groceries while meeting all food storage demands. Expansive and uninterrupted shelving easily houses oversized platters and containers. The unit features Liebherr’s patented BioFresh technology in separate compartments where temperatures are kept just above freezing—keeping fruits, vegetables, fish and meats at optimum humidity levels, allowing them to stay fresh up to three times longer than in traditional refrigerators. Visit