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The Size – Neolith Evolves

Oct 11, 2013

Nowadays evolution is synonymous with advance in technology.

After introducing the most innovative compact surface in the market in 2009, The Size has continued to develop their star product Neolith.

An evolution that has been possible thanks to the constant research conducted by the Neolith team. These efforts have materialized with the expansion of its facilities by launching a second production line, allowing Neolith to come up with novelties unseen until today.



A new size of 3,200 x 1,500 mm, which is complementary to the existing 3,600 x 1,200 format, has been designed in order to better utilize the slab, especially in the manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom countertops.



Neolith’s former 10 mm thickness is being replaced for a new and improved 12 mm. This new thickness provides better technical qualities and greater resistance. With the new production line Neolith will be able to offer thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm in the near future.



Throughout this campaign Neolith will be launching new collections. The first of these, Classtone, will be presented in the upcoming Bologna Cersaie fair.



By using an innovative decoration digital technique (NDD), Neolith can explore a multiple number of combinations, including, the variety of finishing’s, textures and colors, providing a greater value in interior design.


As well as the advantages mentioned above, the new production line reinforces Neolith’s customer service, allowing the production capacity to triple, which represents an increase in availability of the product, which, in turn will help to reduce delivery times.


In order to maintain a consistency throughout these new developments, Neolith offers technical support through its Training School; training sessions aimed to sellers worldwide with a high added value. These sessions are taught by a team of experts, highly qualified in handling Neolith.


The relationship with their customers is extremely important for Neolith, as well as achieving high quality standards. For these reasons, Neolith is committed to continue to innovate and provide solutions to each and every one of its customers.



P.I. Cami Fondo, Supoi 8

c/Dels Ibers. 31

12550 Almassora (Castellon) Espana

Ap. Correos 485 12540 Vila real

T: +34 -964 652 233