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The New Legrabox Pure WOOD by Ballerina-Kuechen

Dec 13, 2023

Exclusive to Ballerina-Küchen – The new Legrabox pure WOOD

German kitchens are considered the most innovative worldwide. Innovation means taking new paths. To offer something that is ready for the future and that has never been available before.
The LEGRABOX pure WOOD is the result of three years of intense development by Ballerina and Häfele. The world’s first drawer system that features the symbiosis of fine oak veneer with all of the benefits offered by the traditional LEGRABOX system.
We use a complex process to completely veneer the LEGRABOX with high-quality real oak. Yet pure WOOD retains the advantageous properties of the metal frame and adjustability that has made the BLUM LEGRABOX system the gold standard throughout the industry. The Ballerina functional and unique wooden drawer “Made in Germany”.
The features of our world first, LEGRABOX pure WOOD, include:
– Metal frame, back panel and base veneered with high quality natural oak
– Sleek and yet stylish design
– The adjustability and ease of installation you’ve come to expect
– The complete assortment Ballerina accessories can be used
– The usual opening and closing convenience, TIP-ON BLUMOTION possible
– Exquisitely smooth drawer action thanks to the unique rail guide system
– Variable widths from 12 ¼” to 46 ⅞” – load-bearing capacity 88 to 154lbs
– All planning lines and models can be equipped