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Strategic Blog Widens Reach and Strengthens Brazil’s Natural Stone Industry

Feb 6, 2024

VITORIA, BRAZIL <February 06, 2024>:  Brazil’s natural stone sector welcomes an innovative initiative: the launch of the Centrorochas blog. The platform emerges as a vital channel aimed at sharing technical and specialized content, not only for industry specifiers and professionals but also for enthusiasts passionate about this realm worldwide. Intending to forge strong connections and offer valuable insights, the new resource aims to enrich knowledge and promote the global dissemination of practices and trends within the Brazilian stone domain.

Since its inception, the blog has already emerged as a robust source of high-quality technical information, covering crucial topics such as architecture, design, sustainability, and industry innovations. Alongside content created by the Centrorochas Communication team, the platform will gather a diverse range of materials produced by Brazilian stone industry companies. All content will undergo internal curation led by the national association within the segment, based on pre-determined criteria. This unprecedented collaboration promises to offer a broad and comprehensive perspective, enriching the channel with a diversity of knowledge and experiences.

As an extension of the new content platform, Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stone Exporters (Centrorochas) will boost publications through periodic newsletter dispatches. Those interested in staying updated can sign up at According to Centrorochas’ Vice President, Fabio Cruz, the blog complements the association’s existing communication strategies. ‘With this launch, we aim to elevate the level of information regarding the national production chain. Its focus addresses issues like architecture, design, structures, sustainability, and advancements in the stone industry, promoting knowledge exchange and driving the sector’s continuous development,’ he explained.


About Centrorochas – The Brazilian Center of Ornamental Stone Exporters is actively involved in all national efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the ornamental stone sector. The organization directly supports Brazilian entrepreneurs in their presence abroad, in conjunction with commercial and operational activities related to the development and advancement of Brazilian companies.


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