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Solid Soft Shower Bases

Jan 19, 2016

Solid Soft is a shower base that conforms to your feet, producing an amazing sumptuous sensation. With an appearance of natural stone and an incredibly warm and soft touch, it is the closest thing to walking by the sea on wet sand.

Solid Soft is a ready-to-install shower base molded to include a sloped floor and drain hole. Solid Soft is a seamless solution for creating easy access and a comfortable shower space. Its slip-resistant surface and cushioning effect make Solid Soft an aging in place product solution.

Solid Soft is a long-lasting product, anti-bacterial and highly resistant to UV radiation. Solid Soft shower bases come in a variety of sizes and colors, all of them with a slate finish effect. They can be tailored to non-standard sizes and shapes to fit your unique configuration, creating a luxurious custom shower environment and delivering an exclusive experience.

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