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Shower in Blissful Silence with VIGO

Dec 20, 2023

Shower in Blissful Silence with VIGO’s Elan Soft-Closing Shower Door with VMotion™

VIGO proudly presents the reimagined Elan Frameless Shower door, now equipped with cutting-edge VMotion™ technology, marking a revolutionary leap in shower door design. The Elan Shower Door with VMotion™ epitomizes modernity by prioritizing an innovative soft-closing mechanism, delivering an unparalleled and extraordinary shower experience. Curious about how VMotion™ works? It’s elegantly straightforward. The Elan soft-closing door features specially designed built-in sliders, ensuring a gentle closure and eliminating any possibility of disruptive door slamming.

Imagine this scenario: you find yourself behind schedule for work, a crucial meeting, an appointment, or any event requiring timely attendance. In the rush, you need to squeeze in a swift shower. The least of your concerns should be dealing with a slamming shower door right after your hurried freshening-up session. VIGO’s certified-safe tempered glass, thicker than the standard variety, boasts a robust composition that guards against accidental breakage.

Despite being a distinct model, the Elan soft-closing shower door upholds the signature attributes of the classic Elan shower and tub door collection. These include a metallic threshold to prevent water leaks and ensure your bathroom floor remains dry. All shower doors have a multi-layered coating – also known as FinishPlated™ technology – to ensure long-lasting brilliance, resisting tarnish and noticeable signs of wear and tear.

Regarding creating unique designs, VIGO looks to consumer pain points while remaining true to the VIGO brand identity. “We noticed that customers were looking for silent, soft-closing showers that were relatively safe to operate. We wanted to create an extension of the Elan shower door collection and introduce a unique feature that we haven’t done before,” says Lenny Valdberg, CEO and Founder of VIGO.

VIGO is dedicated to constantly raising the bar and making impeccable strides in kitchen and bathroom design. Our commitment involves elevating our top-selling offerings and introducing innovative products that set new standards. VIGO provides products of utmost quality, ensuring an exceptional experience every day.