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Santo Antonio Stones showcases products at KBIS 2024

Jan 19, 2024

Santo Antonio Stones
Stone Specialists since 1968

Santo Antonio proudly presents a selection of exclusive exotic natural stones at KBIS 2024. Ranging from luxurious quartzites to semi-precious crystal quartz, our stones are true representations of the mineral riches found in the lush Brazilian landscape!

Founded over 55 years ago in the state of Espirito Santo, Santo Antonio’s pioneering role in the stone business remains steeped in tradition, while also embracing state-of-the art technology and sustainable practices in all of our facilities.

Discover Cullinan: named after the world’s biggest diamond, it is a true jewel in its own right as it is composed of black tourmaline, quartz crystals and other rare minerals. With superb technical performance due to its hardness and high resistance, Cullinan is a translucent crystal quartz with luxurious dark veining against a pure white background. It elevates high-end projects, bringing natural sophistication to architectural styles that range from classic to contemporary.

Gabana is one of our best-sellers! In addition to its clean and homogenous aesthetic, Gabana quartzite has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, which indicates the resistance a mineral offers to scratching. As a result, many architectural projects around the world have chosen this type of natural rock for various applications and the production of exclusive design pieces. Due to its aesthetic appeal with sandy tones and gentle veins, Gabana is also ideal for corporate environments, providing resistance and durability because of its high percentage of quartz. For those looking to connect with nature through architecture, Gabana is undoubtedly the perfect choice.