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ROHL LLC Invests in Perrin & Rowe®, Mayfair, London – Keeps Manufacturing in Great Britain

Feb 10, 2014

ROHL, LLC, the marketers of authentically crafted, luxury faucets, fixtures and accessories for kitchens, baths and luxury hotels and resorts has acquired a 50% share in the Perrin & Rowe® of Mayfair manufacturing in Great Britain.  Perrin & Rowe® will continue crafting and manufacturing unrivaled brassware for kitchens and baths exclusively in the UK.


“The Perrin & Rowe® portfolio of products is core to the ROHL portfolio,” said Lou Rohl, CEO and managing partner, ROHL. “The opportunity to invest in the business, capitalizing on an improving global market, and keeping the tenets of the Perrin & Rowe® manufacturing processes intact and solidly placed in the UK, is critical to our strategy to deliver authentically crafted, luxury products for kitchens, baths and luxury resorts to the US market.  We are pleased to have a stake in assuring the quality and provenance of this venerable brand for some time to come.”


In 1996, ROHL collaborated with the company Avilion Ltd. to create a new line of luxury kitchen and bath faucets.  This collection, Perrin & Rowe® of Mayfair London, has become one of the leading brands marketed by ROHL in the USA. The founding active UK partners were Bob Perrin and Greg Rowe.  In 2011, Steve Cole, Managing Director acquired the majority of the company.  The ROHL investment will allow Cole and his team to carry on their focus on the core competencies of manufacturing excellence, in Great Britain, as well as developing the Perrin & Rowe® brand globally.  ROHL and Perrin & Rowe® are independently operated.  Steve Cole will continue to manage the Perrin & Rowe® enterprise.  Lou Rohl holds a seat on the Perrin & Rowe® board.


“We are honored that ROHL thought enough of our capabilities to invest in our future,” said Steve Cole, managing director, Perrin & Rowe®.  “This partnership will allow us to continue to deliver the outstanding examples of design excellence for which we have become known, continue to invest in the business, and as one of the few remaining brassware manufacturers in Great Britain, continue our commitment to manufacturing in the UK.”


About ROHL

ROHL LLC offers high-end, luxury faucets, sinks and fixtures for America’s finest homes, resorts and hospitality projects. Headquartered in Irvine, California, ROHL has helped thoughtful homeowners and designers create personal expressions of authentic product for over 30 years. Anchored in traditional family values, trust, integrity and innovation, the ROHL leadership possesses a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit that extends through the organization. ROHL’s strength comes from a synergy of family and friendship in partnership with suppliers and customers. From Traditional to Transitional to Modern, the ROHL line includes a wide range of top-quality faucets, fixtures, shower components and accessories. Sourced from Western Europe, New Zealand and North America, each is crafted to ROHL’s rigid specifications and is uniquely tailored for each residential or commercial project. For more information on ROHL, please visit


About Perrin & Rowe

Begun in 1978 by two design and production engineers, Bob Perrin & Greg Rowe, TCL manufacturing (Perrin & Rowe®) produced high quality machined components for a variety of concerns.  In 1991 the team designed and invented Triflow® technology – producing the world’s first three-way filtration faucet, delivering hot, cold and filtered water. The line continued to grow incorporating Perrin & Rowe® sink mixers, bath, shower and sanitary ware products.  The strength of the Perrin & Rowe® brand is built upon a clear understanding of the requirements demanded by the luxury sector: great design, product reliability, durability, quality and tangible value. Headquartered near London in England, Perrin & Rowe® is renowned for manufacturing luxury kitchen & bathroom faucets and fixtures that are an authentic celebration of classic British elegance. Perrin & Rowe® remains fully committed to manufacturing all of our products in the UK, providing all of our partners and customers a promise of product authenticity, innovation, quality and value. For over 30 years, each Perrin & Rowe® product has been hand crafted using an unsurpassed and unique blend of engineering excellence, exquisite detailing and state-of-the-art technology – our reward, Perrin & Rowe® is specified and installed in the most stunning hotels, spa resorts and private residences around the world. Please visit