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ROBAM introduces the 30-inch A831 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Jan 23, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Leading global kitchen appliance manufacturer ROBAM introduces the 30-inch A831 Under Cabinet Range Hood, bringing ROBAM’s powerful engineering in a sleek, minimalist profile. Designed to integrate within a variety of kitchen configurations, the A831 can be installed under cabinet or as a wall-mounted unit. Its state-of-the-art acoustic panel wrap provides superior noise control, allowing home chefs to enjoy the cooking process with remarkably low noise levels as the unit provides high-power ventilation. Its brushless motor delivers nine-speed settings with up to 100,000 rpm, and its patented charcoal filter captures 5 times more fumes and odors then the common recirculating range hood.

“The A831 Range Hood is versatile and was created for a variety of home settings,” said Elvis Chen, ROBAM Regional Director. “Its slim, stainless-steel and tempered glass exterior imbues a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, while the powerful, noise controlling motor allows the home chef to cook freely while enjoying low noise levels.”

The range hood’s innovative air purification design utilizes a three-layer filter with ultra-fine coconut carbon shell technology, ensuring harmful toxins from cooking are eliminated while clean air is recirculated into the home. A two-layer oil screen prevents excess grease from dripping, preserving the surrounding cooktops, countertops and cabinets.

Additional Features:
• Efficient canopy design with double static pressure and enhanced negative pressure zone for instant, powerful suction
• User-friendly touch panel controls with 9 speed setting options
• Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe oil filters
• Energy saving LED lights

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About ROBAM:
Founded in 1979, ROBAM is known around the world for its high-end kitchen appliances and ranks #1 in global sales for both built-in cooktops and range hoods. From integrating state-of-the-art Field-Oriented Control (FOC) technology and hands-free control options, to embodying an entirely new design aesthetic for the kitchen that doesn’t hold back on functionality, ROBAM’s suite of professional kitchen appliances offer the perfect combination of power and prestige. For more information, visit