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The X-SIGN and X-SIGN 4F – At Long Last, Powerful Lighting with a Stylish Look

Feb 8, 2019

The X-SIGN and
X-SIGN 4F – At Long Last, Powerful Lighting with a Stylish Look

Montreal – Richelieu introduces the X-SIGN and
, two new powerful surface-mount LED lighting fixtures characterized
by their distinctive design and diffuser that guarantees perfect opalescence, a
true revolution in the lighting world. These high performance fixtures are very
bright and have a wide projection beam. In addition, a master dimmable touch-switch
allows you to adjust the light intensity of the individual luminaire and all
the luminaires connected to it offering the user complete control of the
atmosphere of the space from a super brightness to a comforting glow depending
on your mood.

Not only do the X-SIGN and X-SIGN 4F offer superior
lighting capabilities, these stylish lighting fixtures can be easily integrated
into multiple designs. Ideal for wall applications or under shelves in the
kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, these striking fixtures inspire unparalleled
creative lighting designs for residential and commercial interiors.

Available in two colour temperatures, natural white
and warm white, the very thin support and enhanced the diffuser, offered in a stainless
steel and white finish are both elegant and modern-looking.

Quick and easy to install, the X-SIGN 4F is perfect
for under-cabinet lighting and under-shelf lighting due to its 90 degree angle
design.‎ The X-SIGN’s flat design opens up a world of new creative
lighting possibilities including wall-mounting.

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