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Richelieu Launches Autore & Muse: Two New Luxury Decorative Hardware Collections

Feb 8, 2019

Richelieu Launches Autore & Muse: Two New Luxury Decorative Hardware Collections

Montreal – As part of Richelieu’s Exclusive Collection – AUTORE & MUSE – two unique and exclusive collections of luxury hardware sure to make an impression. Boasting beautiful designs and finishes, each pull and knob offers the utmost in quality craftsmanship and statement-making design that goes beyond trends.

Timeless luxury at your fingertips

AUTORE is a unique collection of more than 400 pulls and knobs that stem from the creative journeys of sixteen leading European designers who have fashioned an utterly luxurious collection of decorative hardware that transcends functionality and emerges as a statement that goes beyond trends.

Our designers, with their impressive pedigree and wide-ranging expertise in architecture, interior, industrial, and furniture design, have creatively married aesthetic appeal and functionality. Elevating each design above trends, these award-winning artists have created a collection that epitomizes the best of Italian design. The richness of the designs and the refinement in the details make this timeless collection unlike anything else on the market.

The Autore collection showcases original shapes, curved forms, pure lines and unusual scales made in various traditional materials such as metal, stainless steel and leather as well as less conventional materials like resin and ceramic that contribute to a myriad of moods. This well-balanced collection encompasses matte, semi-gloss and glossy finishes from matte metallic stainless steel and matte bronze to anodized pink nickel and chrome.

Whether to contrast or complement an interior design scheme every handle and knob in the Autore collection is a masterpiece that elevates your design projects to new heights.

Experience the full beauty of the Autore collection. Visit

Each statement-making piece is a work of art, a true celebration of beauty

Richelieu is proud to unveil a brand new collection of decorative hardware designed in close collaboration with renowned artist and designer Jean-Claude Poitras. Blending the exquisite and exceptional, in tandem with vision and talent, the MUSE collection will dazzle and impress.

Jean Claude Poitras, whose unique and timeless creations have seduced all generations, is now taking his passion for art and transposing them into interior design. Enlisting the artist’s unparalleled talents, Richelieu created sophisticated cabinet hardware that is both rich and refined. Each statement-making piece is a work of art, a true celebration of beauty.

His artistic approach, in its very essence, is always about celebrating cultures, traditions and exchanges from all around the world. With a perfect balance between classic elegance and clean lines, the Muse collection will add a touch of distinction to any piece of furniture or cabinetry. This exclusive collection of pulls and knobs features six stunning styles. Each masterpiece which evokes, eloquently his love for beauty and his passion for visual art. This exceptional collection of handles and knobs will enhance all furniture and cabinetry with its distinctive shapes and finishes harmonizing a variety of colors, materials and textures.

To learn more about the new Muse Collection of decorative hardware, visit

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