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Rev-A-Shelf: 4WV Series Woven Baskets with Rails

Feb 4, 2014

Add a touch of natural beauty to any room with Rev-A-Shelf’s versatile woven basket series: Perfect for storing produce in the kitchen. 4WV baskets include two side mount rails, allowing you to transform your cabinets into enviable storage spaces.
Feature machine washable canvas liners
Baskets secured within a natural maple frame, complete with built-in handles
Easy installation for side mount rails
Woven Baskets with Rails
4WV-15I 12-1/4” (312 mm)W x 21-1/4” (540 mm)D x 7-2/5” (188 mm)H
4WV-18I 15-1/4” (388 mm)W x 21-1/4” (540 mm)D x 7-2/5” (188 mm)H
Euro Rail Woven Baskets
4WV-320I 346 mm (13-3/5”)W x 451 mm (17-3/4”)D x 496 mm (19-1/2”)H
4WV-420I 446 mm (17-1/2”)W x 451 mm (17-3/4”)D x 496 mm (19-1/2”)H
4WV-520I 546 mm (21-1/2”)W x 451 mm (17-3/4”)D x 496 mm (19-1/2”)H
About Rev-A-Shelf LLC.
About Rev-A-Shelf, LLC: Established in 1978 as a division of Jones Plastic & Engineering, our product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components manufactured for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers and has grown into the market leading innovator of quality functional residential cabinet storage and organizational products
Rev-A-Shelf manufactures thousands of innovative accessories for your, kitchen, bath or closet. With the acquisition of Tresco Lighting, Rev-A-Shelf expands their motto of “Innovation through Organization” to “Innovation through Illumination”, with a full line of L.E.D. lighting options for residential & commercial cabinetry, and store display fixtures. Widmer By Rev-A-Shelf located Austria markets and distributes to the European market.