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Rediscover gas fireplaces with Camina & Schmid

Jan 12, 2024

Rediscover gas fireplaces. A fascinating flame picture borne of German engineering

German craftsmanship has long been admired by consumers across many industry sectors. Within the hearth industry, Camina & Schmid has embraced its German roots to create some of the most celebrated contemporary, modern fireplaces and tiled stoves sold in Europe. Founded in Osnabrück, Germany in 1997, Camina & Schmid has focused its manufacturing on solid wood-burning fireplaces and tiled stoves. With headquarter facilities is in Bissendorf, Germany, the company has expanded its manufacturing base in 2022 by opening their new, state-of-the-art production facility in Rathenow, near Berlin. The materials used are mainly sourced from Germany and Europe. Wood and gas-burning fireplace appliances are sold exclusively through specialized dealers and stove heating installers.

Camina & Schmid made the decision to enter the U.S. market in the spring of 2020. For the first eighteen months Camina & Schmid toured the whole of America, seeking to learn and listen. We asked professionals across the U.S. hearth industry to start with a blank slate and share with the Camina & Schmid team what they wanted and did not want in a brand-new flame-out-of-log gas fireplace offering from Germany. The pointed responses to that question fueled the ground-up design of the product line we have formally introduced to the U.S. market in 2023. What makes Camina & Schmid stand out is that while the product line is engineered and manufactured in Germany, it was truly designed by Americans, specifically and exclusively for the American market. The company listened to the market, and has delivered a product line reflective of the wishes and suggestions from coast to coast.

Camina & Schmid’s product offering centers around the company’s flame-out-of-log appearance, quality German engineering, construction and materials, and unmatched installation and service simplicity. Great attention was paid not only to creating a beautiful flame picture, but to making life perfectly simple for those installing and servicing the units. The company also presents an impressive flame pattern that fills the firebox, created by the unique ceramic logs molded from wood sourced in German forests. The tungsten filaments incorporated in the logs light up on contact with the flame, creating a realistic wood fire glow effect. In addition, the moonlight-feature creates an interior light adjustable in colors across the full RGB spectrum. The flames can be set in different stages for heat management, and the double glass with no screen barriers or cooling fans between panes is a big plus.

Users don’t just want a cozy, warm home. They want an efficient and safe heat source that is also beautiful to look at. In addition, the fireplace must leave many design options open so that it can be optimally integrated into any interior. Camina & Schmid has consistently implemented these requirements into the products in the last several years, and offer a well-rounded, boutique range.

For such a young company, Camina & Schmid has certainly made a name for itself among European and American consumers. In the U.S. in particular, the company makes a concerted effort to connect with potential hearth consumers that are set on featuring a natural, realistic flame picture. As true today as it ever was, fire comforts and connects us. Harnessing that sentiment within the home will forever have its place. The human condition has wired us this way. Camina & Schmid delivers a gas fireplace experience that looks and feels every bit the genuine article.