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LAS VEGAS • FEB 25 – FEB 27, 2025


Qoldfusion Showcase A New Walk-In Cold Pantry

Dec 6, 2023


Qoldfusion to Showcase the World’s First Luxury Residential Walk-In Cold Pantry at KBIS 2024 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV— Qoldfusion will be unveiling their groundbreaking creation, the Qoldfusion Cold Pantry, at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024 in Las Vegas. With a vision to reimagine refrigeration for today’s home, the Qoldfusion team has leveraged decades of experience in commercial refrigeration and walk-in refrigerators to develop an entirely new walk-in concept, incorporating unprecedented luxury features for the home.

“After almost 20 years in the making, I’m delighted to announce that Qoldfusion’s residential luxury walk-in cold pantries have hit the marketplace! The excitement has far exceeded what we had already set as high expectations. The team and I set out to reimagine luxury refrigeration for the home with innovative features that deliver spaciousness, functionality & beauty, paired with amazing comfort and quietness. Before Qoldfusion, this was unimaginable in a walk-in.” says Dale Seiden, CEO at Qoldfusion.

Qoldfusion’s Cold Pantry represents a transformative leap forward for the home refrigeration industry. Unlike traditional refrigerators, freezers, and pantries, the Cold Pantry provides a fully integrated, luxurious storage solution designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s homeowners. Engineered with the same care and attention to detail as high-end commercial refrigeration systems, the Cold Pantry ensures all provisions are conveniently accessible and maintained at optimal freshness within an elegant, fully customizable environment.

The Cold Pantry distinguishes itself through an opulent design, featuring eight premium powder-coated interior finishes and vibrant, scratch-resistant LED lighting with customizable RGB colors. Additionally, The Cold Pantry provides a touch pad with an illuminated color touchscreen and a mobile app, allowing effortless system control and seamlessly elevating the sophistication of high-end kitchens.

Emphasizing superior organization and convenience, it boasts fully adjustable food-grade stainless steel shelving with slots for optimal air flow, grab-and-go doors, integrated beverage centers, and an optional walk-in freezer column. Qflow360™ (patent pending) Air Walls generate invisible, rapid, and condensation eliminating technology with even cold air streams for efficient food preservation.

Cutting-edge innovation sets the Cold Pantry apart, featuring optional viewing windows, exterior access doors, and a multi-faucet beverage tower for enhanced accessibility, and functionality. Going beyond a simple upgrade, this appliance redefines homeowner expectations for refrigeration, ensuring convenient storage and rPOD™ remote refrigeration that moves refrigeration noise, hum, vibration & heat outside.

Join us at KBIS 2024 in Las Vegas, South Hall Kickstarter Zone Booth #SL6001, where Qoldfusion will showcase the future of luxury home refrigeration. Experience first-hand how the revolutionary Cold Pantry seamlessly integrates innovation, design and convenience to transform the way users interact with their kitchens.

For more information on Qoldfusion and the innovative Cold Pantry, please visit or contact: Krystle Seiden –

About Qoldfusion:
Qoldfusion is the global leader in luxury residential refrigeration solutions. Leveraging decades of expertise in commercial-grade refrigeration engineering, Qoldfusion is committed to reimagining home refrigeration through elegant, fully customizable products like the revolutionary Cold Pantry that seamlessly integrate convenience, esthetics and cutting-edge technology.