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QM Drain Unveils Innovative “Invisible Drain” Series

Sep 12, 2023

QM Drain Unveils Innovative “Invisible Drain” Series: Where Aesthetics, Functionality, and Ease of Installation Converge

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 16, 2023 – QM Drain, a pioneering force in innovative drainage solutions, proudly announces the launch of its game-changing “Invisible Drain” series. This revolutionary line sets new benchmarks in design, functionality, and installation ease, redefining spaces across diverse sectors. Elevating Design, Functionality, and Simplicity the Invisible Drain series marries elegance, functionality, and ease of installation – a trifecta that revolutionizes drainage solutions.

This product line introduces a range of solutions that enhance the visual allure of spaces while ensuring superior drainage performance and a
seamless installation experience. QM Drain’s Invisible Drain series encompasses a diverse array of products designed to elevate a wide range of

Invisible Drain Shower Tray: This innovation transcends the ordinary, offering a completely flat and seamless shower floor concealed beneath tiling. It’s the epitome of merging aesthetics with practicality, delivering stunning showers with no compromise.

Linear and Square Invisible Drain: As part of the series, the Linear and Square options redefine drainage aesthetics, transforming linear and square drain solutions into seamless elements that enhance the overall design of a space.

Prefabricated Modular Outdoor Invisible Drain: Extending innovation outdoors, this solution harmonizes outdoor aesthetics and drainage efficiency. The blend of style and substance creates outdoor spaces that captivate, without compromising on performance.

Effortless Assembly, Enduring Impact Beyond the allure of the series lies the unparalleled ease of installation. Our prefabricated modular systems redefine the installation process, ensuring that your customers’ experience is as seamless as the products themselves. Whether you’re a reseller, an architect, or a design enthusiast, you’re presenting a solution that combines striking aesthetics with unparalleled convenience. “We believe that design and functionality should seamlessly coexist,” said Karina Bernoti, CEO and Co-Founder of QM Drain. “The Invisible Drain series is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in drainage solutions.”

Embark on the Invisible Drain Journey QM Drain invites architects, designers, resellers, and design enthusiasts to embark on the Invisible Drain journey. It’s not just a product launch; it’s an invitation to explore a world where design, functionality, and installation ease converge to transform spaces into art.

For more information about the Invisible Drain series and how it can revolutionize your spaces, please visit Invisible Drain Series Video

About QM Drain

QM Drain is a leading provider of innovative drainage solutions that seamlessly integrate designand functionality. With a commitment to pushing boundaries, QM Drain consistently redefines the way drainage solutions are experienced.

Media Contact:
Paola Cristina Constantino
Media and Project Coordinator

Note to Editors:
High-resolution images of the Invisible Drain series are available upon request. For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact Paola C. at cristina.costantino@qm-us.comor 954.773.9450.