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Principle Faucets Brings Its Vision of the Future to KBIS Kickstarter

Jan 25, 2023

An Innovative Way to Save Water at the Sink

Santa Cruz, CA – Principle Faucets, the California-based manufacturer on a mission to evolve the way humans use nature at the sink, is thrilled to announce their exhibiting debut at the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show from January 31st to February 2nd in the Kickstarter Zone, booth #W5639. The company will be showcasing its flagship product the Principle, the first-ever fully integrated kitchen faucet and foot pedal system designed for the home. “We are so excited to share our vision of the future of faucets with the industry,” says Co-Founder Lauren Wall. “We have every intent of creating a whole new category in the market.”

Principle Faucets was launched with the goal to solve an age-old problem—needless water waste at the sink. Although improvements have been made over the past 20+ years in reducing indoor water use, most of that water saved is attributed to the improved toilet, washing machine, and dishwasher efficiencies, while no significant reduction in faucet water usage has occurred (Residential End Uses of Water, version 2 published 2018). The more current focus on improving shower systems is a positive step in the right direction, but an important gap has remained for faucets designed with water conservation in mind. “Faucets are just inherently wasteful by design—there are so many moments when the water is running but actually not being used; it’s just too inconvenient to turn it off,” says Co-Founder Matt Wall. “That was the problem we set out to solve.”

“We believe integrated foot pedals are the next step in faucet design, providing a more efficient and intuitive way to use water at the sink”, says Co-Founder John Porteous. The company’s flagship product line, the Principle, is a revolutionary kitchen faucet that combines standard hand control with the added precision control of an integrated foot pedal. Both functions work seamlessly together—no buttons to hit or switches to flip. The Principle system also has an added lever on the faucet body to adjust the temperature of the water used by the pedal as needed. The compact electronic valve system installs easily within the sink cabinet in a variety of positions, freeing up prime storage space. Principle Faucets will also be showing the STEP, their foot pedal adapter system designed to upgrade existing kitchen and bathroom faucets. “With conservation in mind and a focus on eliminating waste, we didn’t want homeowners to have to trash a faucet they love in order to gain the benefits of our technology,” says John.

“We designed a foot pedal system you had no idea you needed, but once installed you’ll never want to live without it” says Matt. “It truly improves everything you do at the sink.” The innovative pedal is engineered for maximum comfort, adjustability, and functionality. By applying varying degrees of pressure, you can easily control the amount of water used at any moment, from a slow trickle to a full blast. This added control allows you to start, stop, and adjust the flow more frequently, cutting water waste in a whole new way—up to 44%. “It’s an effortless, straightforward approach to saving water, that just so happens to offer many additional feel-good benefits,” says Lauren. Pedal control also enables you to work faster & easier at the sink, keeps the faucet & surrounding counter cleaner, enhances hygiene, and improves accessibility for all ages. Customers say it’s kitchen-life-changing, and overall a more enjoyable faucet experience.

KBIS attendees will have the opportunity to personally test out both the Principle and STEP systems on display in the Principle Faucets booth, meet the co-founders, ask design & install questions, and preview upcoming faucet styles slated for launch later this year. Participating visitors will also have the chance to win a pedal system of their choosing, with giveaway details available at booth #W5639.

The Principle (Konrad-style faucet) and STEP systems are currently offered in chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black, and are available for purchase on the Principle Faucets website. Brushed brass, polished nickel, and polished brass (living) finishes will be available by summer 2023. Principle Faucets offers a 6-month no-hassle return policy. Email to inquire about their Trade Partnership program for exclusive industry discounts.

For additional details, product imagery, or to schedule an interview and booth visit (#W5639) with Principle Faucets, contact Lauren Wall at

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