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Perlick to Introduce New 30-Inch Column Refrigerator with Unprecedented Preservation Performance

Feb 8, 2019

For Immediate Release


April Larsen

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Unprecedented Preservation Performance, Now in an All-Stainless, 30-inch Design

Perlick’s new refrigerator features
four separate micro-zones with customizable temperature and humidity settings
in each


MILWAUKEE (Feb. 7, 2019) – Why do fine grocers store and display fresh
ingredients like meats, seafood and produce separately at different
temperatures and conditions? It’s because leafy greens need cool, humid
conditions to stay crisp, while halibut requires storage in a cold, dry place.

brings that same concept to the luxury home refrigerator, now in a 30-inch wide
column design, an expansion of its
new line
of full-size refrigerators, freezers and wine reserves introduced at the 2018
Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. The 30” Perlick Collection Column
Refrigerator features QuatroCool™, a preservation system that boasts an
unprecedented four separate temperature zones—with the exclusive ability to
store at 32°F, dual-chamber air filtration and electronically monitored real
humidity to offer unmatched preservation capabilities.

Proven History of
High-End Commercial Performance

new column refrigerator leverages Perlick’s 100-year history of serving the
refrigeration needs of the high-end restaurant and hospitality industry,
bringing consumers luxury refrigeration that meets the rigorous standards of
the commercial kitchen.

to the full-size residential product launch, Perlick spent a century
engineering and manufacturing front-of-house wine reserves for fine bars,
restaurants and large venues around the world,” said
Muraro-Gust, Perlick’s product marketing manager. “We leveraged that experience
when designing the 30-inch refrigerator, ensuring fresh ingredients are stored
with the same care and precision as the most prized wine collections.”

Preservation System

state-of-the-art QuatroCool™ technology offers never-before seen preservation
performance. The unit is divided into four separate temperature zones, the most
impressive being the company’s innovative tip-out produce bin. Unlike a
traditional crisper drawer that relies on decades-old methods of controlling
humidity, Perlick electronically monitors the humidity of the produce bin. As
produce ages and loses water content, the unit has the intelligence to push
moisture back into the compartment to maintain the humidity necessary to
prolong the lifespan of leafy greens and other wilt-prone produce.

In addition to humidity
control, the produce compartment features an innovative dual filtration system.
A carbon filter removes odors from the air, while an ethylene filter scrubs air
of harmful ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening process of certain
delicate vegetables.

discerning customers expect perfection,” said Muraro-Gust. “They appreciate the
subtle nuances required for storing fine ingredients in ideal temperature and
humidity conditions to ensure their food remains at the peak of freshness.”

The unit’s PerlIQ™ touch-screen control features a sleek, black design that disappears into the backdrop until it’s
awoken with a touch. Users can easily customize temperature preferences with
the touch of a button or access smart temperature settings for deli items,
meat/fish and fresh produce, maintaining optimal storage environments for
specific ingredients.

Stylish Aesthetic

new 30-inch column refrigerator isn’t solely about function—it has both beauty
and brawn. Flooded with stunning, custom LED theater lighting, the new unit
features Perlick’s signature stainless steel for the upper half of the interior
and slate-black stainless steel for the lower half because it found the bright
colors of fresh food popped off the dark background better than standard
stainless or white. The commercial-grade stainless steel and glass construction
not only looks beautiful, but it also results in
non-porous and easier-to-clean
surfaces compared to standard refrigerators made of plastic.

Perlick column refrigeration is designed for both the preservation and display
of fine foods, the company tested countless shades of white light to find the
perfect shade that presents all foods at their best. Neutral with a hint of
warmth, the carefully selected hue makes the vivid colors of fresh produce and
rich tones of charcuterie shine, while ensuring product labels are easy to
read. The overall design of the interior was inspired by the refrigerated cases
of fine delicatessens and boucheries, resulting in large glass windows and
generous capacity. A slide-in marinating pan and two-tiered deli display make
the most of the unit’s 30” footprint.

30” refrigerator is available for immediate order. To learn more about the
company’s new full-size appliance collection, including column refrigerators,
freezers and wine reserves, visit

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Family owned since
1917, Perlick Corporation
is a national manufacturing
leader in
customizable food and beverage storage and
serving solutions
. Perlick’s commercial line includes custom
bar and beverage and refrigeration equipment, innovative underbar items,
industry-leading beverage dispensing equipment and time-tested brewery
fittings. The company’s
award-winning, luxury residential
product line features indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine
reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerator drawers, ice makers,
and beer dispensers. 
In 2018, the company brought its history of
innovation to the full-size appliance category with the introduction of
refrigerators, freezers and wine reserves.
A Milwaukee-based
manufacturer, Perlick is dedicated to providing precision-engineered, quality,
customizable food and beverage storage and serving solutions. To learn more,
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